A Hidden Gem In Miami : The Zoological Wildlife Foundation

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 The Zoological Wildlife Foundation was a GREAT find! 

After years and years of traveling to Miami I recently discovered the most incredible adventure one could ever have when visiting Miami, FL.  I promise you this is an experience that will leave you with lifetime impressions!

The moment you being your journey to The Zoological Wildlife Foundation you’ll instantly find the grounds to be absolutely impeccable. As you travel onwards you’ll come up to a beautiful gate that you’ll buzz into. The grounds alone will instantly make you feel that you are somewhere truly magical. The foundation is a large 5 acre zoo that holds many different animals. During my visit I experienced a private tour (totally recommend taking the private tour) around the grounds with one of their animal lover guides. My group of 9 we’re luckily enough to have Mike as our tour guide who was fabulous! We learned that Mike is a Florida native who graduated from UMiami with a degree in Biology and decided to follow his passion in full force proceeding college.


One of my favorite activities I did while at the foundation was feeding the vast variety of animals. I had a ton of fun feeding the Camels and especially all the various species of monkeys! The tour was a perfect blend of educational and fun. It was refreshing to be exposed to happy animals that were truly taken care of and loved. I was pleasantly surprised at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation’s wide variety of animals.. from monkeys, anteaters, reptiles, Tigers, Jaguars, lions etc.

They definitely know how to save the best for last! At the end of the tour you are brought to the center of the grounds to an area where you get to hold so many animals!! I held a a few baby gators, a rare turtle, armadillo and a baby monkey named Oliver (who I really wanted to take home!).









This whole amazing experience was part of the “base tour”, but the foundation also has many different packages where you can be hands on with all the different cats. While there I chose to extend my package to the Tiger encounter where I got to play with a beautiful little tiger named Remy.


Travel Tips: If you can have Mike as your tour guide then DO IT! He was the ultimate guide! Mike was engaging, funny, informative and gave great pointers for selfies (lol). Also, if you’re in the Miami area and seeking some fun adventure, I would recommend exploring this private zoo over the Miami Zoo, it is worth the ride! ( Visit The Zoological Wildlife Foundation!! )

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