The Beautiful Dominican Republic 

First off, this trip couldn’t have started any better then when the Airport Check-In Clerk got on the speaker and yelled to the entire Gate “WHOS READY TO PARTY IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC?!” and the crowd when nuts!! From then on we were all pumped up in party mode! 

    Flying from Ft. Lauderdale to Punta Cana, DR over parts of the Bahamas and other tiny undeveloped islands was the most outrageously beautiful flight I have ever taken. IF possible I recommend sitting on the RIGHT side of the airplane (though I was sitting on the left and still had a stunning view..) I think the right side saw even more!! Look at my pics below for some cool airplane shots! 

      Landing in Punta Cana is AWESOME , the airport is timeless, charming and nearly perfect. The entire airport is thatched roof , there is an authentic Dominican band that plays the entire time you are waiting in line to do your paperwork (which makes waiting a heck of a lot better!) and the airport is filled with beautiful posters and adds of the Dominican.

1820999_orig       Punta Cana is home to a coastline of white sandy beaches, an ocean that is a variety of beautiful shades of blue.. lush and tropical with foliage, lagoons and palm trees all around.. and filled with peacocks, flamingos, ducks, parrots and other wildlife that stroll the island. The DR has a unique charisma about it that makes you feel connected and comfortable your entire stay. Everywhere I went I was greeted with “Hola, Mi Familia” (Hi, my family!).. and the people really do make you feel like family , so much that I wanted to cry leaving. Wherever you go in the DR someone is ready to party, Presidente (Local Beer) & Mamajuana (Local Liquor) are never far and the music is always on and jumpin! 

      There is also a lot to explore in the DR. Whether you want to relax on a catamaran, snorkel and sail across the ocean or take a horseback riding adventure up through tropical forests you can do it all (and you can do it affordably!). If you’re looking for an affordable, delightful and undeniably beautiful island to capture your heart there is no better place then the Dominican Republic. 

Dominican Republic Photo Gallery
MUST do activities in The Dominican Republic

1) HorsePlay Punta Cana – This must do Eco-Adventure Tour in Punta Cana includes Zip Lining, Horseback Riding, Cocoa and Coffee Demonstrations and a yummy authentic Dominican Cuisine (with of course plenty of Rum and Presidente) !! While you’re vacationing in the beautiful Dominican Republic theres nothing better than to experience a fabulous tour experiencing adventure, culture and cuisine. 

2) Outback Safari Adventures – During this excursion you will travel to typical Dominican home, you’ll pass by local schools & villages along the way.. You’ll get a change to see coffee & chocolate growing on trees as you walk through a chocolate plantation. The family-style Dominican lunch at the countryside ranch is a one of a kind experience! You’ll also walk through a fruit plantation to see fruit growing in its natural environment (and do a tasting!) Along the way you will see native animals like crocodiles, iguanas, turtles etc.. And your day ends relaxing on a beautiful secluded beach.