Puerto Rico (Spanish for “rich port”), is a place where you can find so many natural wonders in just one island that is only 100 miles long by 35 miles wide!  In Puerto Rico you can find  miles of white sandy beaches, mountains , a rainforest , the best food EVER and private islands off the coast that have the worlds most beautiful beaches. Whether you enjoy nature or history, nightlife or adventure, culture or sports, this unique island has it all. Plus, only a 3 hour plane ride from New York makes Puerto Rico super convenient.

Visiting Puerto Rico I was pleasantly surprised.. I had no idea how beautiful the island was going to be or how obsessed I would become with the FOOD there. I had the best chicken, spanish rice, steak, pork , enchiladas and Rum punch of my LIFE! I felt very safe and comfortable the entire time I was there.. I was able to rent a car and get around with no problem at all. The people there were extremely nice and helpful and even though I was hoping to practice mi Espanol .. everyone there spoke English.

Some of my favorite things to do & see in Puerto Rico

1) Flamenco Beach , Culebra – Flamenco Beach is considered the second most beautiful beach in the world by Discovery Channel.  The water is 4 different shades of blue, the sand is white and feel likes you’re walking on silk .. the water is also very calm and you can snorkel right off the beach. The view is amazing and definitely worth the trip! Getting to Flamenco beach you simply take a ferry from Fajardo Terminal on Puerto Rico and it takes about an hour to get to Culebra.

2) El Yunque Rainforest – It is the only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest System. El Yunque National Rainforest is located on the slopes of the Sierra de Luquillo mountains and it encompasses 28,000 acres. El Yunque National Forest was chosen to be Puerto Rico’s entry in the America the Beautiful Quarters program.

3) Richies Café – Tucked in the foothills of Las Picuas. It’s in an ocean-front fisherman village in the city of Rio Grande, this is a family owned business that will change the way you taste and enjoy the flavors and seasoning of the local cuisine. This was not only the best restaurant in Puerto Rico , but the best dining experience I’ve ever had!