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So my first trip to Arizona was actually supposed to be a ski trip to Colorado, but because we had such a warm winter the mountains were pretty much out of snow. Reluctantly, my friend and I decided to switch the trip to Arizona. Boy were we happy we did! I can not say enough good things about this State. We rented a car and in 4 days put 1,000 miles on the car.. that being said we were able to see the entire state.
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Here are some places you don’t want to miss

1) Sedona
2)Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon and the town of Sedona are the most unreal places I have seen so far in the USA. You almost have to stare for a few minutes to take it all in and believe that its actually real.  I also (FINALLY) had the most relaxing and scenic horse back riding experience of my life. Typically Im having a nervous breakdown on a horse, but this time I was so relaxed that I was really able to take in all the beauty around me. Oh yes! And I road my first bull.. SO AWESOME! The great thing about Arizona is that the best parts are scenic views you see while simply driving in your car.

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