City Of Angels

Los Angeles, CA , known as “The City of Angels”  is a city that has such a wide range of scenery that its hard to believe its all just ONE city.  Every time I go to LA I feel a sense of excitement, like BIG things are going on all around me. LA is not just home to many celebrities but also to some of the finest museums, beaches, events and fine foods. You will feel the laid back West Coast vibe the second you step off the plane. Keep in mind that theres no weather like the weather in Los Angeles, making it an ideal location for a vacation! My favorite tour of all is the “Hollywood Tour” . This tour stops at the Mullholland Dirve Vista Point (an awesome place to get great pictures of Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood). Then the tour will stop at the Chinese Theater via Hollywood Blvd., here you can see the Walk of Fame and view all the foot and hand prints of stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Eddie Murphy, John Wayne, and many more. The tour also hits up the Sunset Strip, the Farmers Market, the Grove and Melrose Avenue where you will can see all the loaded people shopping :).With an abundance of night life, beautiful beaches, movie stars, shopping and breath taking scenery LA is a wonderful place to travel!

Los Angeles Photo Gallery