Riding in the Nevada desert with my steed posh

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Here is a picture of my “trusted” steed Posh and I riding through the desolate desert in Nevada. It only took me about.. well, the entire ride to finally trust that Posh wasn’t going to go insane and throw me off of her.

In all my Horseback Riding adventures I seem to ALWAYS have the horse who doesn’t fancy following commands or direction. Rather than following directly behind all the others horses Posh enjoyed making her own path.. while all the horses and riders were in one straight line Posh and I were in our own.. she was also fond of indulging in any piece of grass in sight and bucking the one horse (the tour guides horse) who occasionally keep getting too close to her butt.. oh yes and the random trotting sure kept me on my toes

As slightly anxious as I was being on top of this enormous animal who wasn’t particularly easy to control .. I talked to her the whole ride and every time she would turn her head to look back at me I’d look her in the eyes and I felt like we had a connection.. unless of course she was looking back at me because she wanted me to get off her.. lol, but Im going to go ahead and say it was a connection 😉

By the end of the trip I could whole heartedly say I loved having Posh as more horse and she made the ride that much more thrilling. Each of my horseback riding experiences has been exciting, nerve racking and always end in me wanting to do it again!