Finding The Perfect Vacation
By Amanda

Finding The Perfect Vacation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I hear you: you’re ready to book a vacation! Unfortunately, you suddenly find yourself in love with 5 different islands, 4 different countries, and no clue how to choose the “PERFECT” spot—the best vacation spot. Decisions; decisions!

Listed below are the FIVE steps I use when finding the best vacation spot!

1) Distinguish which type of vacation you want to have:

Do you seek adventure, history, sight seeing opportunities, food galore, and museums—or is a tropical beach scene with a cocktail in your hand what you’re truly looking for in your best vacation spot? Know that there’s a BIG difference between an Italy Vacation (complete with sight- seeing and food galore) and a Caribbean Vacation (complete with sunshine and drinks galore!). Therefore, do some research about the places you’re considering. What do people “do” there, and how do these things relate to your personality and how you want to relax on vacation? Furthermore, consider your personal schedule in the days before your trip.

When you enter into your vacation, will you have been:

A) Working tirelessly for the past week/month/year and needing a nap and a drink STAT?

B) Studying your brains out, preparing to explore a new place?

C) Bored out of your mind at home, ready to assimilate into a new culture? Note that furthermore, it doesn’t hurt to double-check with anyone else traveling with you. What are their wants and needs entering into this vacation? How can you link these wants and needs together?

2) Check the WEATHER for your Best Vacation Spot!

I’m a huge weather freak when I’m planning a trip. I’m not a fan of heavy rainstorms or hurricanes (or really anything else that good-ol’ Mother Nature might have in store). Although you can’t predict the weather, it’s essential to have at least a short-term plan for the days ahead. Personally, I like to Google the heck out of the “best vacation spot’s” weather during my travel time! Furthermore, if you’re undecided on a travel destination, try checking in on the “average monthly temperature and rainfall” listed on the Internet of each place. This way, you can know NOT to travel to Denmark in February and opt for, say, Mexico as your best vacation spot instead.

3) Get the best bang for your buck.

Part A: At this point, you have a couple destinations in mind, and you’ve checked the weather at each of them. You’re good to go—at least in these departments! At this point, it’s time to see how far your money will take you. Assuming you have a budget (most of us do, after all. If you don’t, go ahead on to tip #4 and drink enough fancy cocktails for all of us), you must start figuring out how much this trip will cost. I highly recommend utilizing several different websites for this step, including:

1. Travelocity 2. Expedia 3. Priceline 4. CheapCaribbean 5. Kayak 6. Airline Sites 7. VirginVacations

Tip: If you’re on a “$2,000 for two” budget, you can take that money further in Puerto Rico than Hawaii. Therefore, see which best vacation spot allows you to do the most with your money.

Part B: You definitely don’t want to expend the majority of your budget on flight and hotel, only to find that food, drinks, and excursions are insanely expensive. Therefore, do your research once you arrive to your best vacation spot. Note which excursions you want to do and how much each will cost. It definitely doesn’t hurt to check out general pricing for food and drinks, as well. (You’re on vacation, after all. And food at these locations is generally glorious.)

4) Consider the distance and the travel time.

Unfortunately, gallivanting halfway around the world for five days might not be completely realistic. Make sure to research the amount of time it takes to travel to your destination. Perhaps, if you have 4 days to vacation, for example, you might choose your best vacation spot as Cancun, MX (which has a direct flight from New York) over Los Cabos, MX (which has 1 stop from New York) This way, you get more actual vacation time! (Instead of airport time. Womp, womp.)

5) Learn about the destination’s current state before you go.
You might have found your best vacation spot, only to discover that the place has a worldwide travel warning, increased violence, and lack of security. I find that most popular destinations are totally fine, but it’s always good to take the appropriate steps to increase your security awareness. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt to learn about conditions at your destination that could affect your health. (If you’re allergic to coconuts, for example, maybe head to that museum in Italy?)

Hopefully, now you have picked the BEST VACATION SPOT for you and your travel partners 🙂 !!!

Happy and Safe Travels!!
– The Chica Travelista

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  • January 14, 2015