An Absolute Don’t Miss: The Jamaican Dreamer Catamarans Cruises: The Chica Travelista Takes to the Sea!
By Amanda

An Absolute Don’t Miss: The Jamaican Dreamer Catamarans Cruises: The Chica Travelista Takes to the Sea!


On my last Chica Travelista adventure, the Montego Bay-based Dreamer Catamaran Cruises completed my Jamaican travel experience, sending me off on a tour of the surrounding turquoise seas, my eyes to the horizon (and a Jamaican rum in my hand!).


While on one of their remarkable catamarans (one of three Gold Coast Yachts, all with these illustrious sails that churn you further and further away from the island), you’re able to experience a truly unique perspective of the Jamaican world. Initially, one of the incredible Dreamer Catamaran Cruise crewmembers welcomes you aboard, tells you about the many amenities onboard, and then brings the music to life before you. (Instantly, I felt that I was in heaven: Reggae. The open sea. The sails flapping above me. It was like magic!)

An Adventure-Packed Trip: Snorkeling!
The Reggae-churning catamaran takes you first to the snorkel destination. Here, the crewmembers give you all the gear you require for proper snorkeling, and they send you off into the stunning coral reef! Know that if you’re not very comfortable in the water, you don’t have to miss out on this amazing adventure. The Dreamer Catamaran Cruise crewmen give you specific instructions and a guide.
I swam throughout the coral reef and viewed these beautiful, ghost-like, red and yellow and orange formations—like an alien city in the water. A massive turtle swam through the area. I felt like I was peeking in on a secret world!


A Party on the Open Seas!
After this adventure, I popped up from the salty water and sped back to the bartender. At this time, the bartender suited all of us up with the Jamaican drinks, things like Rum Punch, Red Stripe Beer, Rum and Vodka, and sodas. We relaxed on board the Gold Coast Yacht until it docked at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

IMG_20150215_081148Ah, Jimmy Buffet. What would we do without you? Here at his illustrious theme park in the midst of the Caribbean, we sped down waterslides (that dropped us right in the turquoise ocean!) and bounced around on water trampolines. Naturally, the rum kept flowing, the sun kept gleaming on us. The smiles didn’t stop.


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  • April 9, 2015