Coffee with Samantha Brown
By Amanda

Coffee with Samantha Brown

This Blog post is WAYYYY overdue, but better late than never right?! For those of you who dont know, Samantha Brown is a television host, notable for her work in several Travel Channel shows. She also has made her own travel luggage called Samantha Brown: Travel America. Beyond that she is a woman who has inspired me to do this crazy thing called Travel

As an actress and host (and in real life) her personality is captivating, she is incredibly talented and the real deal… someone I truly hope to emulate.Well, if I was told a year ago when I started this Travel Blog that I was going to meet her I would’ve never believed it. Samantha offered to meet me for coffee to discuss my travel career with my blog and potentially (pray for me) on TV.

To be honest, I never wanted the day to end! I felt like I was sitting with the whole world talking to her.. (if that makes sense).  Sharing travel stories and listening to her feedback and advice was life changing. I wish I recorded our meeting .. darn it.. why did I just think of that! Well, having met her I feel more motivated and inspired than ever and will not stop moving forward on this Chica Travelista venture.


Thank You Sam!!




“The Chica Travelista”

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  • November 12, 2014