Choosing the Best Excursions!
By Amanda

Choosing the Best Excursions!

How to Choose the Best Excursions

Excursions can be a lot of fun and are a great way to explore a destination. The options, while stunning, can be endless. Some things may be out of your control, like your tour guide. However other important details shouldn’t be left to chance. Before you sign up for your next excursion, check out this list for some things that you should consider.


Check out Reviews Online

Reading reviews online seems easy enough, and yet people will sometimes sign up for excursions on a whim. You can Google the names of excursions to see what pops up. Additionally, has plenty of reviews that you can check out as well. Check out travel blogs, like this one (hint, hint), as well as travel vlogs on YouTube. There’s a wealth of information on the web. All you have to do is click. Always, always do your research.


Read the Description Carefully

Here’s the thing, you definitely want to know what you’re getting into before signing up for an excursion. If you’ve got bad knees, then you may want to avoid those that state there will be a lot of fast paced walking on a cobblestone street. These details are important and do matter. So you definitely want to read up on all the literature you can, so you can get a clear idea about the activity level that will be happening. It will save you money in the end.


Ask Questions

Come on folks. Don’t be shy. Whenever you spend a significant amount of time in one region, the excursion desks at your resorts or on your ships become the authority on the pros and cons that each trip has to offer. Use the information desk to your advantage by asking them pertinent questions that will determine if you decide to go forward with the excursion. You can still change your tickets, if you talk to them before your deadline to switch your tickets has been missed.


Don’t Just Book An Excursion Based on It’s Price

One should never assume that the price of an excursion equals quality. Google around and you’ll see that many people have had fantastic tours that were affordable, while others spent hundreds of dollars on poor ones. When it comes to cost, that can be determined by the number of sights or distance of your travel. So don’t be lured into thinking that a particular tour is better because of the knowledge level of the tour guide, the special access or because there’s a small group. Compare your tours based upon what you’re getting. Don’t automatically assume that the most expensive equals the best.

While there are many tips on how to plan the best trip excursion, these are just a few tips to get you started. Remember that research is key! Ask the important questions so you can know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. All in all, if you plan ahead, then you should be in a for a really great excursion.


Happy traveling!

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  • August 12, 2015