My New York Times Travel Show Experience

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The Chica Travelista: My Experience at the New York Times Travel Expo!

Finally, I have a space to gush about one of my favorite events of the year, The New York Times Travel Expo. (I’ve been swimming with travel motivation and hope for the future ever since, ready to embark on travels in the next week! Jamaica, here I come!) The expo brings travelers, tourism departments, hotels, live performers, and delectable food from all over the world together in one place. The result? Magic.


Dancers. Performers. Talent from Around the World!

While there, I was able to meet some of the most fascinating people in the world—people with such cultural diversity and so many different talents. It’s amazing to me what this wonderful earth holds! I saw a beautiful woman from the Bahamas wearing this terrific pink and white and yellow headdress, fit for a queen; I saw Puerto Rican dancers (and even danced with them myself, putting those skills to good use with a red flower in my hair, of course!). These stunning women from the Caribbean stood alongside European performers, Asian performers, and even performers from the 50 states. Everyone had so much to offer.

The Taste of the World 

The Taste of the World was an essential stop on my adventure through the New York Travel Expo. Some of the most celebrated chefs from all over the world came together to prepare delicious dishes from Italy to South America. (Imagine the fights over the stovetop between the different culinary masters!) One of my favorite tips was actually family-oriented, when Chef Bill Yosses orchestrated how to make food in the kitchen BEFORE your vacation to allow your kids to know what you’ll be eating the next few weeks. (That way, you avoid disaster at the French restaurant when your child refuses to eat foie gras.) Of course, I also ate a good deal of Italian bread and the best American sandwich from Adam Richman’s trek across the country.Travel Expertise
The New York Time Travel Expo further featured experts in travel, ready to fill us with knowledge. It seems wonderful that we can name “experts” in travel. (I consider myself an expert in so many ways, collecting tips and tricks on my many travels and speaking to serious, long-term travelers along the way. We’re all united in the single fact that traveling is our passion—what we want to do all the time!)


“The Rise of the Adventure Traveler” was an essential presentation during the weekend. Travel experts are actually seeing a rise in adventure-seekers and enhancing vacation packages accordingly. We’ll be seeing A LOT more adventuring (followed by a good deal of beach lounging) over the years, which is really wonderful (especially when looking to maintain that slim figure, even while downing a few margaritas each day. I speak a bit about staying slim on vacation in a previous blog post) I could go on and on about the New York Travel Expo, but I have so much to do for my upcoming Jamaica trip, which I will be discussing in GREAT detail here, on this blog. So stay tuned, travelers, and good luck on your next adventure!.