Pink Jeep Tours – Las Vegas, Nevada
By Amanda

Pink Jeep Tours – Las Vegas, Nevada

“A different type of Vegas experience”
Most travelers head to Las Vegas to experience the glitz and glamour of the Vegas Strip. From the mind blowing shows to the 24 hour casinos there is undoubtably enough to keep a tourist busy on the strip for days! 
        However, for that traveler who desires a day off the strip to encounter natural beauty , this is also surprisingly attainable in Vegas! 
         One of the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life was the incomparable Hoover Dam that will definitely leave any traveler speechless. This tour was brought to us by Pink Jeep Tours of Las Vegas and WOW do they lead a great tour of the Dam! We received a guided Colorado River float tour by raft that gave us close-up views few people have ever seen of The Hoover Dam, mighty power plants, and The Black Canyon. Besides taking in the gorgeous surroundings we learned many historical facts and got an astounding view of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge!
I highly recommend using Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas to plan ANY of your “Natural” Vegas excursions! Pink Jeep Tours offers TEN adventure tours and each tour is designed to match every budget and vacation stay. They currently offer three uniquely different Grand Canyon tour destinations, two different helicopter options and fan favorites such as the Hoover Dam Classic tour and the Hoover Dam Upgrade tour (thats the one I did!) where you are taken to the base of the dam on a raft. 
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  • October 7, 2013