Staggering Mystic Mountain Rain Forest Adventure: The Chica Travelista Takes on Ocho Rios, Jamaica
By Amanda

Staggering Mystic Mountain Rain Forest Adventure: The Chica Travelista Takes on Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Beneath the simmering Jamaican blue sky, you have one option only: 
You MUST Carpe Diem. 
(This means seize the day, for any of you not particularly 
fluent in that old dead language, Latin)

And thusly, you must understand the following:103823_orig

Jamaica isn’t all sunset, relaxation, and luxurious beach walks. Rather, Jamaica’s amazing terrain forced this explorer into the RAINFOREST to experience some of the most immaculate views, a daring bobsled through a tunnel of trees, and a zip line adventure (that was, naturally, both gut-wrenchingly terrifying and life-altering. After all: a bit of daring, a bit of vivacious living MUST be experienced while in Jamaica.)

Jamaica, and my amazing friends at Mystic Mountain Rain Forest Resort, truly adds a flash of color to your already  luxurious and exotic Jamaican Vacation.


1. Mystic Mountain’s Canopy Zip Line Adventure
Mystic Mountain’s zip line offers six zip lines with approximately one hundred meters of wire. These wires zip you through the ever-green rainforest, and they never give you a break during this long descent. (Many other adventure zip line companies take you off, clip you back on—the event is far more scattered. Not so wit9023945h Mystic Mountain! You’re up in that sweet rainforest air the entire time.)


2. Mystic Mountain’s Sky Explorer
Mystic Mountain’s park entrance offers the Rainforest SkyExplorer. This “skylift” of sorts jets you up the seven hundred feet over the vibrant green rainforest trees. (The density of that rainforest beneath you gives you a better perspective on the incredible wildlife and environment of Jamaica!)

3. Mystic Mountain’s Bobsled Adventure.
Gulp. This one’s pretty intense. But, being a naturally curious, rush-seeker myself, I popped into this industrial “bob sled” of sorts and allowed it to whoosh me down, down, down over one thousand meters of track. The track is actually IN the mountain, and it utilizes only gravity in order to get your gear going. When things got a little hairy, you’re able to use the handbrake just a bit to slow yourself down. (Of course, I’d never admit to doing that myself .)

I cannot tell you any more about the incredible beauty—about the actual flavor and LIFE you can taste up there on Mystic Mountain. You must experience it for yourself!

If You’re Already in Jamaica: How Do You Get To Mystic Mountain?

Luckily, the Mystic Mountain Rain Forest Adventure has a good deal of transportation options, ea9006848ch of which puts you safely back to your beach-and-sun-and-safe vacation hotel. The rates are ridiculously cheap and obviously escalate the further you are from the resort. (If you stay in Ocho Rios, which ain’t half bad, your rate is a simple $7.50 round trip per person. If you don’t want to hail a taxi or cart your car down to Jamaica, this is your best bet.)

Remember, Jamaican travelers: seize the day!

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  • March 27, 2015