5 Honeymoon Destinations You Should Consider
By Amanda

5 Honeymoon Destinations You Should Consider

The Chica Travelista’s Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

It’s that beautiful time again: wedding season. Couples across the United States are forming together, choosing to build a life together. And now comes the next step, the first BIG decision: where will you go on your first “official” vacation as a married couple? As you know: this is your first forage into the world as a couple. During this time, you’ll watch the sunset; you’ll go exploring, all hand-in-hand before you have to return to your “real” lives. This is the most magical time of your life—and you must find the perfect place.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 honeymoon destinations.

You can’t go wrong with any of these places!

1. Bora Bora

Lush and tropical Bora Bora offers white, sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, emerald waters, and luxurious resorts and spas for the perfect, all-inclusive honeymoon you and your honey require.

While in Bora Bora, I recommend you stay at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa, which offers ever-romantic thatched roof Polynesian-style bungalows on the beach and over the glittering water. Read more about my under-the-sea activities at the illustrious resort here.


2. Belize.

Latin America’s Belize is called “one of the last unspoiled places on Earth” for a reason. The white, sandy beaches are incredibly un-crowded, leaving plenty of romantic, “alone” time for you and your new mate. Furthermore, you can adventure to the dense, tropical rainforests or head to the historical and ancient Belize Maya—all beneath the illustrious, sunny sky. Read more about my favorite Belize resorts here.


3. Maui.

Your dreams of having a honeymoon in Hawaii are met with Maui, the “Magic Island.” Beyond its glowing beaches, Maui offers The Road to Hana Tour, which features black sand beaches, hidden caves, and rainforests—a complete adventure for you and your love! Make sure that after you snorkel at Molokini, the boat stops you at Turtle Town for a heavenly swim with green sea turtles. Read more about this adventure here.


4. Costa Rica.

Breathtaking Costa Rica is stocked with countless rainforests, volcanoes, rivers, and stunning views—all alongside white and sandy beaches. On your not-so-adventurous days, you can rest upon the shore for all day drinking and cuddling and swimming in the turquoise waves. Swiss Travel Company is the way to go when you’re heading to this golden honeymoon destination. They offer more than 40 tours throughout the incredible provinces, allowing you to relax and enjoy the company of your loved one. Read more about them—and the rest of Costa Rice—here.


5. Aruba.

I stumbled upon Aruba when I was meant to go to Cabo San Lucas one windy, Hurricane-season day. This island stunned me with its bright white beaches and its incredible, happy people. Everywhere I went, people approached me with open arms, smiles on their faces. I stayed at the Radisson, which is an essential Aruba resort with countless activities alongside the incredible Palm Beach. While there, I sailed the open seas with Pelican Adventures Sailing Cruise and burst beneath the turquoise waves with Jolly Pirates Snorkeling. Read more about my adventures in Aruba here.


Wherever the honeymoon seas take you, have a marvelous and romantic time! AND if you need help planning the perfect honeymoon contact Travelista Travels for all your planning needs!


The Chica Travelista

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  • May 5, 2015