The Chica Travelista’s Top 6 Must-Do Adventures in Jacksonville Beach, Florida
By Amanda

The Chica Travelista’s Top 6 Must-Do Adventures in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

As luck would have it, my Chica Travelista adventures took me back to stunning Florida (during this incredibly grey, New York March). I spent a few days sunning, exploring, and adventuring-it-up in this coastal town before darting out on a CRUISE to the BAHAMAS!


These are my Top 6 Must-Do Adventures in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
Seriously consider it for your next warm and sunny adventure!

1. Discover the Hidden-Gem Jacksonville Beaches.
I’ll go ahead and get the first, most-obvious must-do adventure out of the way, here. Jacksonville Beach has some of the most white-washed, stunning beaches (with this never-ending blue sky over them!) that I’ve ever seen. You can take a picnic and stay the whole day out there, catching rays and dipping into the incredibly clean water. (If you stay till sunset, you get an orange and pink-filled sky. Quite a sight to see, let me tell you!)


2. Go Fishing at the Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier.
During my stay, I grabbed a fishing pole and swept out to the Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier. Oh, my. If you can get there early, do. (Yes, even on vacation!) The sunrise sparks such colors over you as you stand on the edge of the pier, and the fish bite during these early morning hours!

The pricing on the Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier is ideal, as well. You can pay just $4 to fish on the pier for the entire day. Note that the mighty Jacksonville Beach Pier is a full 1,320 feet long, and the end of it is sort of my personal version of heaven. Furthermore, the pier offers restaurants, souvenir shacks, and little snack huts—everything you could ever want for a lazy fishing day in the lower, sunny tip of the country!20150308_163159

PRO TIP: If you love fishing, go early several mornings in a row. Trust me: the sunrise is different every single day. Such a brilliant world we live in!

PRO TIP: If you AREN’T into fishing, and you just want to stop by, you can pay just $1 in order to walk down the pier.


3. Stay at the newly-renovated Four Points by Sheraton Hotel for top-tier beach views.
I’d be remiss not to mention my PERFECT stay at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, newly renovated. The view from my hotel, as you can see, was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more comfortable hotel!
The Four Points by Sheraton Jacksonville Beachfront seriously has it all and I was sad to leave.
They offer guests great food and dining choice, fresh-brewed coffee in the morning and a hot breakfast in The Eatery that has everything you could need for a hearty breakfast. For a relaxing and hassle free stay this is the place to vacation, even if its just overnight.

4. Grab a Cup of Coffee at the Bold Bean Coffee Roasters.
If you’re anything like me, you start your (adventure-filled) day with a cup of coffee—or six. For that, in Jacksonville, you MUST check out Bold Bean Coffee Roasters in Jacksonville Beach. The place is just a few blocks from the ocean (for an easy walk). The décor is simply perfect; they make their own syrups!!; and their baked goods are simply delightful. (And all of this has NOTHING to do with their completely to-die-for coffee.

5. Go Surfing!
This wasn’t anything I had time for during my trip, but I can assure you: Jacksonville Beach Surfing attracts a great number of vacationers and locals. The various surfing schools (check out the Jax Beach Surf Shop, the Sunrise Surf Shop, or the Surf and Skate Surf Shop) teach you the basics both on the sand and then in the water, allowing you to charge into surfing with great self-confidence! Prices are reasonable, as well. Definitely something I’m going to follow up with next time!

6. Experience the Super Jacksonville Beach Seafood!
On my adventurous trips, I always know the fuel-up with delicious meals and splendid drinks throughout my journeys. (Luxury AND ruggedness merge in many of my trips, as I’m sure you’ve seen!)

And of course: being so close to the ocean, I knew I needed to check out the seafood in Jacksonville Beach. A few questions to the locals and the fine workers at Sheraton Hotel brought me to Marlin Moone Grille. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

Don’t miss anything Jacksonville Beach, Florida has to offer. This vacation rejuvenated me from these dismal months in the north. I don’t know if I’ll ever come back, in fact!

– The Chica Travelista20150308_180107

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  • April 10, 2015