The Crystal River, Florida experience!
By Amanda

The Crystal River, Florida experience!

During my visit to Crystal River, Florida I was hosted by the WONDERFUL resort Plantation On Crystal River. This place is truly a gem and I was totally WOWed by the amount of activities they offered right on-site!

They have a beautiful golf course , beach volleyball, tennis, shuffleboard, a swimming pool , horseshoe, croquet anddd a hot tub (thats actually hot) that over looks the water (Kings Bay).

Very conveniently located right next to the hotel, The Plantation on Crystal River’s Adventure Center is the absolute best waterside full-service marina and dive shop facility! Offering everything from boat rentals, kayaking, paddle boarding, boat ramp and charter options with some of the area’s best captains for fishing, birding, sightseeing, diving ANDDD the famous manatee tours!!

When it comes to snorkeling or diving  in Florida, it doesn’t get much better than Crystal River. With its crystal-clear water, an average year-round temperature of 72 degrees (hot spring-fed waters), underwater caverns, and a wide variety of wildlife such as tarpons (biggest fish I’ve EVER seen in my life.. seriously I though it was a shark), redfish, grouper, dolphins, and one of the largest populations of the West Indian Manatee in the entire world. Crystal River is the place to meet the gentle giant of the river, the Florida manatee! 

The manatees are very curious and playful mammals and when you are quiet and let them initiate interaction you will be blown away at just how lovable they can be. These gentle and slow moving creatures spend most of their time is  eating, resting, and in travel.. sounds like THE LIFE to me!!

**Fun Manatee Fact : Manatees are believed to have evolved from a wading, plant-eating animal, and share a common ancestor with the elephant.


I will definitely be back soon to swim with my most favorite animal (second to dogs) ! <3 

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  • April 9, 2014