Top 3 Must See Europe Spots!
By Amanda

Top 3 Must See Europe Spots!

I have so loved exploring more of Europe in the last year and the best part is..  I know there is still so much more to explore! Three of my absolute favorite countries to visit , all of which I highly recommend are the following … 

#3 – Iceland  – There is for sure NO place like Iceland. This is a magical island , a place that storybooks are made of. Since visiting, I have sent tons of clients here and every single client has come back totally in love with this country.

This is for sure one to add to the bucket-list! 

#2 – Greece – Greece and the Greek Islands are the ideal travel destination for a romantic vacation. The Greek Islands allow the perfect opportunity to escape to a world of beauty, charm and delicious cuisine. 

Everyone needs to experience Greece!

#1 – Italy – This is an extremely special place and you have my word, you will completely fall in love with this country. Italy has SO much to offer every type of traveler and it will definitely take many trips to explore it in its entirity.  Of course Italy is home to spectacular cities, fascinating ancient ruins and wonderful museums! What makes it so special is the vast variety of scenery, including stunning mountains, great beaches, and simply beautiful natural scenery. Also, the people are just the nicest and really make you feel like you’re at home!

Italy is a MUST MUST MUST visit destination! 

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  • February 1, 2020