“Travel” is The Best Investment
By Amanda

“Travel” is The Best Investment

Most people are always in pursuit of happiness. Studies show that people who spend money on experiences rather than things are overall much happier. More often than not, however, people choose to chase happiness through things, buying the newest this or that, because they think that this stuff somehow says something about them as people. The inner monologue might go something like this “once I get a new job, making more money, I’ll finally be happy,” “I know once I get this new car, everything will be different,” “I’ve got to get the new iPhone because if I don’t, I’ll be behind everyone else,” and so on, and so on.


I get it. The feeling of buying things like new clothes, the newest sneaker, or technological gadget can be really addicting. But it’s so important for us to invest in life experiences, rather than on next new designer things!! Take it from me, money can’t buy you happiness. Now this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be spending your money at all. After all, you’re an adult who has life responsibilities. I know that you need food, shelter and clothing in order to survive. But consider, instead of buying the newest iPhone, which comes out every other year, using that money towards a great trip.


Traveling is a really great way to feed your happiness. It’s also a great way to create those deep meaningful experiences that implant memories for you to go back to again and again. Think about the last great thing that happened to you, or a funny conversation, or a moment in time that really stuck with you. You probably have a smile on your face right now as you’re thinking back on it. I’d be willing to be that none of those things involved stuff.

Now on the flipside, think of something negative that happened in your life. It’s probably hard for you to forget, and you probably replay the incident in your mind over and over again. Now I don’t mean to bring this up to make you sad. But rather, I want to hammer home the point that what you remember, no matter the experience, is what helps shape you as a human being. Your memories and experiences are what last for a lifetime.

It’s strange isn’t? A gadget that could possibly last a few months or years, doesn’t quite leave the same imprint as a memorable experience like a wedding, your first kiss, or that recent trip to Bali. So the next time you’re considering buying the new designer handbag, or BMW, think about all of the other wonderful things that you could do with that money. Think about all of the amazing trips you could take! How about visiting that friend you haven’t seen for a while, or planning a vacation getaway with friends?


Just remember, it’s never too late to travel. You’re never too old, or too poor. And if you can afford to buy a brand new iPhone that could cost up to $500, you certainly can take that money and book a $500 flight to paradise! Don’t just take my word for it. If you haven’t taken the travel plunge, start today and report back to me with your results.

Memories are better than money!!

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  • September 14, 2015