Travel Saving Tips
By Amanda

Travel Saving Tips


No matter where you are planning to travel, there are easy ways to cut expenses! 
1) Sign up for a Travel-Related Credit Card : You can accumulate lots and lots of miles without even flying anywhere. I’ve been able to save enough points for a round trip airfare with my Capital One Rewards Card!
2) Have Flight Flexibility : You’re airfare can drop drastically with even just the slightest change of travel day. (ex: going a Tuesday instead of a Monday) 3) Find the Hidden Gems : Some of the most popular travel destinations are the most expensive so think outside the box and travel to a less expensive and less traveled beach town or city. 4) Privately Owned Resorts ROCK: Big expensive brand hotels aren’t always better then the alternatives. I love staying at smaller, more personal hotels because of the intimacy you get and because they’re cheaper! 

5) Book last- minute : Many popular travel sites, airline sites and hotel sites have AWESOME last minute travel deals. Totally worth checking out! 

6) Payment Plans : Many travel sites , travel agents etc.. allow you to pay off a trip month by month until you go away. Not a bad option so you can save little by little. 

7) Do your own sightseeing: There are so many free parks, free tours, beaches etc.. that any traveler can explore on their own. Sometimes this is the best option for saving some $$. 

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  • January 8, 2014