What’s The Point Of Using A Travel Agent?
By Amanda

What’s The Point Of Using A Travel Agent?

With all the online booking engines available today people are quick to book their own travel and as a Travel Agent I often get the question “whats the point of booking with a travel agent when I can book on my own?” , I LOVE that question! And my answer is the following ..


Travel Agents today are highly trained, we are well-traveled and have a massive list of industry contacts, in case we need to call in a favor (which we always do for our clients). Whether or not we have personally been to every country in the world we have teams of travel experts in EVERY SINGLE destination. We know when you should be going to certain places and when you should avoid them. We know which hotels are great and which ones stink. And a good travel agent spends time getting to know their client so we can make recommendations tailored to what they want to do and what is best suitable for your time and budget.

What would be the point of not using a person who is an established expert in booking travel?


In a 2016 survey of more than 1,200 consumers, nearly one-third spent in excess of over four hours, over multiple days, planning their own vacations!! Our job is to create a custom itinerary, including flights, transfers, accommodations, tours, meals and exclusive visits based on your preference. Your time is valuable and should likely be spent on other things rather then sitting online for hours figuring out what the heck to book.

What would be the point of wasting valuable hours of your day doing a job that someone else is trained to do and will do FOR FREE?


Anyone who has spent hours to book a vacation knows the stress that can go into the entire process, the decision making and the actual booking itself. When planning a vacation, important trip, destination wedding or honeymoon, the last thing a traveler should have to do is worry. Also, say something goes wrong with your trip, you miss your flight, you hate your hotel room, you have an emergency and need to cancel, the weather prevents you from traveling.. you call your travel agent and we take care of the problem on your behalf while you relax on the beach and sip your margarita.

What would be the point of stressing out over planning a trip?


We have access to a variety of tools that the average consumer simply does not! For many of our preferred hotels we are able to offer value extra bonuses such as: Free room upgrades, Free nights – Stay 3 nights pay only 2; Stay 4 nights, pay only 3, etc., Free breakfasts, Food and beverage credits and SOOO much more. I’ve had clients receive everything from a free upgrade to the penthouse suite to a complimentary massage. Some tours and experiences are also only available through a travel agent.

What would be the point of missing out on a complimentary room upgrade and extra VIP perks that you wouldn’t get otherwise?


We are paid by the commissions that we earn from our sales of hotel stays, cruises, vacation packages, sightseeing and rental cars. When you book a hotel stay, a vacation package through Expedia for example, or a cruise through the cruise line website all of those businesses include a travel agent commission in their published prices! **Meaning** companies such as Expedia, Cheap Caribbean etc. have an agents commission already built into the cost that you pay. When you DON’T use the services of a travel agent you are essentially paying for a service that you aren’t receiving.

What is the point of not getting the customer service you deserve and that is built into your vacation cost already?

I hope after reading this article more travelers will understand the value in using a Travel Agent as there is no point in not using one! So lets get planning! abisack@travelistatravels.com


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  • April 23, 2018