The Land of Enchantment
By Amanda

The Land of Enchantment

Why you MUST see Santa Fe!

Are you bored of your usual vacation spots? If you are looking for a fun and rejuvenating trip? Time to consider Santa Fe! My recent trip to Santa Fe was a blast and a half and I am here to tell you about the fun you can have there. Santa Fe is the capital city of New Mexico. It has an amazing art scene and is known for its food and scenic beauty. Keep reading to learn more!

When to visit Santa Fe?

The best time to visit Santa Fe is in September-November, because of the pleasant weather you will enjoy. The weather usually ranges from the high 20s to the high 70s. It means you get to enjoy some sun and chilly and pleasant weather. 

September-November is also not the typical tourist time (unlike the summer) which means all the popular spots aren’t super crowded. Additionally, many festivals fall in this period in Santa Fe. 

Since I love outdoor activities, I planned my trip in September! The weather was pleasant, not too cold and I could engage in plenty of activities. 

The #1 Resort in the West, Awarded by Travel+Leisure 2022

I stayed at the Bishop’s Lodge and Auberge Resorts in Santa Fe. The resort has top-notch facilities and every comfort that you can think of! But at the same time, it manages to capture the essence of the adventurous and artsy culture of Santa Fe. It is the perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and culture.

Another thing I loved about my stay there was the amazing view! You get a mesmerizing view of the Santa Fe National Forest from the resort. I enjoyed waking up to this view every day since I love nature! It gives a sense of being connected to nature, even though I would spend the rest of my day in the city!

All the Good Places 

Ok now let’s get down to business.

Here are all the sites and places you cannot miss when you visit Santa Fe!

Downtown Santa Fe

Downtown Santa Fe was one of my favorite places! It is the perfect mix of art and history, it has some truly unique attractions. The Downtown area has many historical sites as well. You can find the Palace of Governors built in 1610. It has traditional Spanish-style architecture and is very beautiful! You will also find many Native artists selling their work in the Downtown area. In case, you want to take some art home, this will be a great opportunity. You will also find many exciting restaurants in the area that you will be tempted to try. 

The one thing I appreciated about the place was that it was extremely walkable. So if you are a tourist, you can easily enjoy the downtown area without worrying about transport. 

Santa Fe National Forest 

If you like outdoor activities like hiking, the Santa Fe National Forest is a must-visit! 

As someone who loves to hike, I thought the Santa Fe National Forest was truly a paradise. It has miles and miles of the most beautiful rivers and almost 174 mountains! You will also get to see some amazing wildlife if you go there. 

I was lucky to access a special trail during my stay at Bishop’s Lodge. They have access to a special trail that is extensive, yet safe for people of all ages. So in case you are traveling with family- you should check this trail out. 

Santa Fe Public Library

Another historical place I enjoyed visiting was the Santa Fe public library! It has incredible old-school architecture. And it’s good to visit if you want a calm and peaceful stop as well!

Saint Francis Cathedral

Another site I was in awe of was the Saint Francis Cathedral. This cathedral was built in the 1850s. It is visited by people from all over the world because of its special wooden spiral staircase. This staircase does not have any columns or supporting beams and is self-supported. I thought this was pretty cool and loved seeing the staircase in real life. 

Why Santa Fe?

If you aren’t convinced by the sheer variety of things you can do in Santa Fe, here’s a fact for you: in 2005, Santa Fe became the first U.S. city to be chosen by UNESCO as a Creative City. And yes, based on my experience and the fact that Santa Fe receives almost 1 million tourists every year, I can safely say it is a world-class destination! From exploring the trail rides to talking art with artists in residence, Santa Fe is a world of contrasts that beckons to be explored.

Book Your Trip Today!!  

My trip to Santa Fe was truly special and I would encourage you to pick it as your next holiday destination. Santa Fe is a beautiful city and has plenty to offer in terms of adventure, history, and art. It is rich in culture and the perfect destination for a fulfilling and rejuvenating holiday! 

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