An Epic Family Trip To Germany!
By Amanda

An Epic Family Trip To Germany!

Meta description:  My family and I recently embarked on the perfect getaway to Germany, where we explored castles, and medieval towns, and drank our fair share of German beer! Learn about our exciting adventure in this comprehensive guide and article. 

Germany: the land of beer, historic castles, the autobahn — and my ancestry! Most of the family on my dad’s side hail from Germany so when the opportunity arose to not just explore this bucket list destination but to do so alongside my family, I jumped at it! And boy, was it one for the books. I’m so excited to share the ins and outs of our German adventure because I just know you’ll fall in love with Germany like I did.

First Stop: Frankfurt

On our first night, we settled into the NH Collection Frankfurt City, which is honestly the perfect base for your one-night stay in this vibrant city. Frankfurt is a vibrant city that boasts a stunning skyline and is renowned for its museums, galleries, historical cathedrals, and breathtaking views. I found Frankfurt to be a relaxed city that exudes an incredible energy and ambiance that’s captivating.

Here’s how you can enjoy a memorable day and night in this beautiful city. 


I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it in real life! Romerberg is one of the most charming and cutest squares in Frankfurt.

This historic square is surrounded by picture-perfect medieval houses, a stunning church, and other historic buildings. I felt like I had been let loose in a medieval storybook! Plus, as someone who is used to modern architecture and beach landscapes in my home of Miami, I was in awe the entire time and especially recommend a visit to the Römer, Frankfurt’s City Hall which has been there since 1405 and is an architectural gem.

Eiserner Steg

Next, make your way on foot a few minutes to Eiserner Steg, Frankfurt’s iconic iron footbridge spanning the River Main. With a history dating back over 150 years, this bridge has been through its fair share of change and excitement throughout history. It’s been rebuilt twice, first in 1912 to accommodate larger boats and again after the destruction by the Nazis in WWII.

Take a stroll and capture the breathtaking views of the city. For all you romantics traveling with your special someone, why not showcase your bond with a lock featuring your initials on the bridge to highlight your endless love? 

The Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge), Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany – The footbridge crosses the River Main, it connects the centre of Frankfurt with the district of Sachsenhausen (built in 1868). The bridge was blown up in the final days of WWII, but was rebuilt shortly afterwards.

Castles and vineyards and views, oh my! 

Ohhh, a delightful day awaits you!

In the morning, bid adieu to your cozy hotel room at 10:00 AM, as you embark on a unique journey through time and history.

Your first stop is the magnificent Rheinstein Castle. This is an absolute marvel to witness and a must-do! 

Perched on top of a wild rugged ridge, Burg Rheinstein sores around 270 feet high above the majestic River Rhine within the enchanting Loreley Valley. The construction of this castle started around 1290! I was blown away by the defense features that still work to this day, including a functioning drawbridge and portcullis. 

Once you step inside the castle and head past the gift shop (which is worth popping into by the way!) you’ll find an entrance on your left that leads to the courtyard. From this courtyard, you can enjoy a thrilling view of the River Rhine. Fun fact: the garden gets its name from the thriving Burgundy grapevine that has been growing here for around 500 years and continues to bear grapes to this day. Be sure to grab some pictures here to commemorate this special day that you got to live as a royal! 

At this point, especially after seeing the thriving grapevine, it’s time for some other grape product: wine. In German the word is “Wein” which is pretty easy to memorize and say 😉

Fittingly, Weingut Adolf Storzel Winery is next, a stunning destination where the rich history meets winemaking. My Oma loves this place, as she grew up nearby post-war. I can see what she loved about it! Don’t worry, I did pack her a bottle (or two) to enjoy together the next time I see her!  

Dating back to 1647, today, the winery is tended by Adolf Störzel, who has expanded the estate to an impressive 10 hectares. It’s a place where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist, making wines that capture the essence of the region perfectly. 

I recommend going all in for their wine tasting, which allows you to sip either 3, 4, or 5 scrumptious wines. As you take it all in, a knowledgeable winemaker will provide you with the history, region, process of the grapes, and the production of their wines. Wine tastings are offered in German, English, Dutch and French. I’ll admit, I hadn’t had my fair share of German wine before this trip, but I enjoy them alot,  and will certainly be reaching for them in the future. 

The day unfolds next with an enchanting journey aboard the Seilbahn Rudesheim cable car. The Niederwald monument and cable car hold a fascinating history of their own. Standing tall at 38 meters, the Niederwald monument was constructed as a tribute to the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/1871 and the re-establishment of the German Empire during the years 1877 to 1883.  Fun fact, in 2004, during its anniversary year, the cable car celebrated the milestone of hosting its 30 millionth passenger. As you ascend through the picturesque vineyards, savor the awe-inspiring vistas that have been a source of inspiration for countless generations! Pictures are encouraged, though nothing quite compares to the real deal. 

Your second day in Germany culminates in a stay at the Schlosshotel Kronberg, a grand hotel that has been impressing guests with its elegance since 1954. You deserve a stay here, I mean, when else can you say you stayed in a castle?! Commissioned by Victoria Empress Friedrich and completed in 1893, Schloss Friedrichshof stands as one of Germany’s most impressive and remarkable castles. 

As a guest, we found it to be a complete treat.  I felt like I was stepping into the past, surrounded by exclusive furnishings and a captivating collection of antiques and artworks from the private collection of the last German emperor’s mother. Here, the aura of an imperial-era castle comes to life, creating an unforgettable experience. Check-in is from 4:00 PM, which you can use as a chance to unwind and savor the ambiance of Schlosshotel Kronberg. As the sun sets, indulge in a dinner on-site, completing your enchanting day.

Day Three 

This morning, I enjoyed a little lie-in with a cup of coffee while my husband, Rick, and my brother Brandon got up for a 7 a.m. tee time, set up by the lovely team at the hotel. Are there any other golf wives out there?! I think all golf wives would appreciate that you can see some holes from the window in the bedroom! It was a nice touch to get to watch them from the comfort of my room. Dreamy. Equally dreamy? The hotel’s breakfast takes place in an incredibly charming formal dining room. I felt like a queen! 

All you lovers of architecture, listen up! Today, you will explore the captivating Würzburg Residence. Constructed from 1720 to 1744, the Würzburg Residence stands as one of Europe’s magnificent Baroque palaces, a crowning achievement of architect Balthasar Neumann. It’s totally unreal, with magnificent high ceilings, timeless additions, and stunning antiques. A highlight for me was the grand staircase which is nothing short of dazzling!  Above it is a hand-painted gigantic fresco by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. 

Hotel & Restaurant Reichskuchenmeister is the place to rest your head at night. I really loved this hotel, as it was so charming and unique. I can’t recommend it enough.  Located in the heart of Rothenburg, it’s considered one of the oldest patrician houses in the city, owned by the von Brodsorg family since the late 12th century.  Grab dinner at the hotel after such a full-on day. 

I can’t be the only person who goes to a new place and can’t help but think, I could live here! Well, Rothenburg ob der Tauber did that for me. I loved it.

Rothenburg remains Germany’s most impeccably preserved walled town, retaining its medieval allure. While other destinations in Germany make compelling cases, nothing quite comes close to the current champion of German medieval charm. I found it interesting, and think it’s worth sharing that Germany boasts several places named “Rothenburg,” so it’s essential to plan your visit to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, situated along the picturesque Tauber River. 

Back in the Middle Ages, Rothenburg was Germany’s second-largest city! Today, it’s the country’s most captivating medieval enclave. I felt like I was on a movie set, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Within the labyrinthine cobblestone streets, a millennium of history is intricately woven, waiting to be discovered by you. 

As the afternoon sun settles in, it’s time to set off for MUNICH, arriving around 5 pm. I suggest a room at the luxurious Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich, where comfort and elegance await you! Drop your bags and venture into Munich for a delightful dinner.

Bird’s-eye view over Oktoberfest in Munich (München) by night (2006).Famous ferris wheel and numerous fair rides.

I suggest the following food spots: 

  1. Tantris

Situated just outside the city center, Tantris offers delectable Asian-inspired seafood dishes and innovative twists on modern German cuisine. Be sure to reserve a table for their renowned tasting menus and explore the treasures of their legendary wine cellar.

Johann-Fichte-Straße 7, 80805 München, Germany

  1. Hey Luigi 

Hey Luigi is a trendy and budget-friendly bar and restaurant with an international menu. Savor the simplicity of their delicious offerings, including an array of pasta variations and refreshing salads. Italian cuisine reigns supreme here, making it a perfect choice.

Holzstraße 29, 80469 München, Germany

  1. Augustiner Klosterwirt

Nestled conveniently beside the Frauenkirche, Augustiner Klosterwirt holds the hearts of locals with its traditional Bavarian fare. Here, you can indulge in hearty portions of delectable meats, a true embodiment of Bavarian culinary traditions.

Augustinerstraße 1, 80331 München, Germany


Talk about a bucket list moment! Oktoberfest was by far one of the highlights of the trip. I loved being immersed in the immense halls that were chock a block with folks excited to drink big old pints of beer. Even if you don’t love beer, I highly suggest a visit to an Oktoberfest event. The energy is palpable, the music is incredible, the people are beyond friends, and I truly just spent the day laughing and joyful. Prost!

Day 5 

And just like that…we’re at day 5! I suggest getting up when you’re ready (hopefully not feeling too bad after all that German beer) and exploring the area with a (strong) coffee in hand. 

Then, wander towards the one of a kind Neuschwanstein Castle, renowned for its white limestone façade and distinctive deep blue turrets. It has long been rumored to have inspired Disney’s iconic Cinderella fairy tale. 

While the Bavarian Palace Department organizes exclusive tours that grant access to the interiors of Neuschwanstein Castle, numerous tour companies offer day trips from Munich and surrounding areas. Among the palatial rooms within Neuschwanstein Castle, my favorite was the Throne Room. This two-story chamber radiates the grandeur of Byzantine churches, adorned with a magnificent 13-foot-tall chandelier, a meticulously painted cupola, and intricate floor mosaics. 

After your royal afternoon at this stunning castle, it’s time to explore Munich by foot and be sure to check out Hofbräuhaus, the most iconic place for experiencing Bavarian beer culture.

By this point, you’re hungry.  If you’re craving authentic Bavarian cuisine, don’t miss Viktualienmarkt, a gourmet farmers’ market located just behind the central square. Here, you’ll find stalls offering cheese, sausages, vegetables, and fruits, as well as smaller street food vendors and juice bars towards the back of the market. What will you bring home with you?!

Ending Your Trip 

The final day has arrived! 

You will make your way back to Frankfurt to enjoy a final night at Schlosshotel Kronberg Frankfurt. I suggest having a peaceful night dining at their on site restaurant, packing and sorting through your photographs from your world-class trip throughout stunning Germany!

If you are looking for further information on exploring Germany, get in touch to book a trip with Travelista Travels! 

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