An Idyllic Montana Getaway
By Amanda

An Idyllic Montana Getaway

If you’ve been feeling burnout and tired from the bustle of a big city, a trip to Montana- the Big Sky Country – is all you need to freshen up your spirits! 

It’s known as the Big Sky Country because it isn’t as populated as other states and does not have many tall buildings, giving you more sky to enjoy! Montana is also a popular location for quick idyllic getaways. And today, I’ll let you know all the good spots that might escape the typical tourist. 

I went to Montana last year and it was the ultimate brief getaway to rejuvenate me. 

First, you might be wondering why Montana? Well, this state has a lot to offer. If you are interested in nature or history, you will enjoy exploring Montana. This state is the perfect getaway for adventurous and outdoorsy people. In terms of time, it depends on what you are looking to get out of your Montana visit. 

Montana is great to visit in the summers- think June and August. This time is great as you get warm and pleasant weather so you can maximize your outdoor activities! In case you are a skiing enthusiast, you can plan your trip anytime between December and March to enjoy the skiing season in Montana. Wintertime will also give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cozy night by a bonfire! 

I chose to go to Montana in October last year, and while this may be considered off-season I had the best time! The weather was pleasant enough to enjoy the national parks and also get some winter bonfire coziness. 

Sage Lodge

For my stay, I picked Sage Lodge. It is a luxury resort that is around 35 minutes away from Yellowstone National Park. The Lodge combines both comfort and adventure to deliver the best of what Montana has to offer. 

Sage has plenty of essential Montana activities to offer, which include hiking, biking, and fishing. And at the end of a tiring day, it was a joy to come back and enjoy the comforts offered by the resort. 

The resort is also great for couples and is family-friendly at the same time. Some of the facilities I enjoyed were the spa and hot tub. 

The food was also excellent and satisfying after long adventure-packed days. What I appreciated was that most of their food was locally sourced and it had rustic and bold flavors that were delicious and homey. 

Here’s a picture of me taking in the beauty of the mountains.

Sage Lodge allowed me to enjoy such amazing moments with breathtaking views. My stay at Sage was honestly a dream and I cannot wait to go back on my next visit to Montana. 

Yellowstone National Park

One of my first stops in Montana was the Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone National Park is famous for its expansive size, wildlife, and the fact that it is on top of a volcanic hot spot. October is a great time to plan a trip to Yellowstone. 

This is because since it’s technically “off-season” you will not have to deal with the presence of too many tourists and you can also enjoy the scenic beauty at Yellowstone peacefully. 

You also get to witness the park transition as winter approaches and this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. One of my favorite experiences at the park was to witness a wild herd of bison cross. Bison is an increasingly rare species and witnessing their majesty in real life was an overwhelming experience. 

The scenic beauty was incomparable and peaceful! I also got to engage in a lot of fun activities including hiking, camping, and viewing wildlife. Yellowstone is a paradise for anyone with an adventurous spirit. The temperature at Yellowstone fluctuates a lot and it gets pretty chilly at night, so make sure you pack some warm clothing.

Some tips to keep in mind 

I am sure that by now you are already planning an idyllic getaway to Montana. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you. 

Get a car in Montana! In my opinion, having a car while traveling in Montana will make your life so much easier! I would recommend making a road trip to Montana. However, you can also rent a car when in Montana. Having a car will make things convenient if you have a jam-packed itinerary and plan on exploring different regions. 

Pick a region in Montana! Montana is quite a big state and consists of 6 regions that are quite distinct. It can be difficult to cover all of Montana in a single trip, so I would recommend picking a maximum of 2 regions if you are on a short trip. This way you can do both of them justice and then come back for more! 

Plan Ahead! Montana has a lot to offer in terms of activities so make sure you do your research beforehand and shortlist the activities you want to do. Planning your day-to-day activities will make life easier and allow you to plan out your travel schedule as well. 

Explore the small towns! Many quaint towns and communities in Montana are rich in culture and history. So do take some time out to visit a few small towns.

Final Thoughts 

My trip to Montana was just the right balance of idyllic and adventurous. Montana has a unique amalgam of serene views and fun activities. Yellowstone park is a national treasure that everyone should visit at least once! My stay was also super comfortable, thanks to Sage Lodge and the amazing facilities it offered. I cannot wait to go back and am already wishfully planning my next trip to Montana!

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  • September 21, 2022

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