Experience The Grand Hyatt Kauai
By Amanda

Experience The Grand Hyatt Kauai

As a professional Travelista, I have always sought to bring a unique experience with wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of life. I always value and love to explore tropical islands as they are filled of some stunning adventures. 

Kauai is one of my best loved Hawaiian Islands and I’ve explored it thoroughly. I will highlight my much-loved activities and the time I spent on the Hawaii’s dramatic island. Kauai can amazingly fulfil your dreams about Hawaii as its packed with lush mountains and emerald valleys, dramatic sea cliffs, plunging waterfalls, and golden beaches. 

The island is easy to explore, and you can drive, or book your helicopter tour and sail over Napali coast. You are lucky to explore the adventurous island easily from one side to the other just in a few hours. My stay on the island is refreshing experience with a tinge of relaxation and adventure. I loved the sailing, driving around and helicopter trips to see the stunning Napali coast, hikes in rocky canyons and along coastal trails. The location is prefect for sunset cocktails, and the ocean view amazed me with frequent sightings of whales, dolphins and turtles.

The Grand Hyatt Resort & Spa Kauai, Hawaii

Aloha, I must say, visiting Hawaii paradise “Grand Hyatt Kaua’i Resort & Spa” can give offer you a wonderful time. 

The exciting part is that the resort’s elegant Hawaiian architecture that is built with open courtyards and rich gardens are a hub of tropical breeze. I had the pleasure of staying at Grand Hyatt Resort & Spa and I spent my time in river pools and kicked off some delightful fun at their exotic gardens. 

From the resort amenities, you can check out some interesting dining options and spectacular lagoons and pool area, the Grand Hyatt, Kauai is an ideal family vacation destination.

You will be able to find 1.5-acre saltwater lagoon as well as multiple layers of pools fringed by waterfalls, a 150-foot waterslide, acres of manicured green space, five restaurants, a luau, spa, colorful parrots, daily activities, the ocean and so much more. 

This was my first time to stay at the Grand Hyatt Kauai, and I enjoyed so much that I had been anxious to return. The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa isn’t just a place to sleep on the south shore of Kauai, Hawaii, it’s a place to overtake an adventurous vacation.

The Grand Hyatt Kauai is located on “sunny side” of Kauai in Poipu. It is about 25-minute drive south from Kauai’s Lihue Airport (LIH). Keep your cameras ready and click some fascinating pictures as its one of best scenic part of this drive. These roads are passed through eucalyptus trees that amazingly form a snake like tree tunnel. This part of the drive means you are getting very close to your Hyatt resort paradise. The hotel is settled at front of a large inhabited with white sandy rocky beach and panoramic views. Additionally, its good to know that Poipu Beach, with calmer waters and ideal diving conditions, is just almost a five-minute drive from the hotel. In Kauai, you can probably discover few mega resorts and one of them is Grand Hyatt that hosts worldwide vacationers.

After a such a classic morning exploration of some stunning views of the island, we arrived at the Grand Hyatt Kauai in the midafternoon. One of the best things I enjoyed is their way of welcoming the guests. Aloha, they greeted us with fresh purple flower leis. A hospitable and warm reception that made me their big admirer. 

The lobby is spacious and offers a magnificent look with its extravagant marble floors. So not only elegant lobby of Kauai Grand Hyatt Resort impresses it visitors with its gorgeous sights but also one can be impressed with the resort’s overall quality. I was able to relax on one of the comfortable lobby chairs or sofas all over during my stay. Even if there is any a delay checking in—which is actually very unusual at luxury Kauai hotels. Then you can just spend your time in only admiring the lobby’s stunning crystal chandelier, alluring artwork, impressive decorations, and beautiful entry rug. The check-in agents were very supportive to me and much friendlier as they provided us with to marvelous ocean-view rooms.

I found the staff members in the Grand Hyatt Kauai lobby are kind to help you in any kind of need that may arise during your stay. While checking in they can provide you with useful knowledge about area tours, attractions, and restaurants.

We had a top-notch time amazing in adult pools and enjoyed ocean views, the club, and spa. The lazy river with a waterslide is real fun to catch up. During my stay I just used to grab my lemonade on the pool that relaxed me. There is also a man-made saltwater lagoon, and I loved swimming there. Its pool is also fit for kayaking.

We stayed at ocean view guestroom that are amazingly spacious and the balconies are large, hence a great for viewing a pleasant sunrise. The room was so quiet and peaceful with a spacious bathroom. You can just grab a spa experience; I must say that the spa is refreshing, and I caught a soothing massage. Grand Hyatt Resort & Spa Kauai served fresh breakfast daily that is awesome mixture of cuisine. The shops, restaurants, and bars were all extraordinarily beautiful, immensely enjoyable and delicious! 

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