La Samanna – Belmond’s Finest
By Amanda

La Samanna – Belmond’s Finest

La Samanna – Your Luxury St.Martin Experience

St. Martin must be added to your bucket list for anyone who loves to travel and visit places with splendid beaches like me. St. Martin is known for having crystal waters and a lot of five-star hotels and resorts. My adventure to St. Martin was indeed a great experience, and in this blog, I am very thrilled to share it with you. 

Belmond La Samanna, one of the best hotels I have ever visited, is perched above Baie Longue, St Martin’s most spectacular beach. It is a place where elegance and tranquility coexist in perfect harmony. Baie Longue is the jewel in St Martin’s sparkling crown, with sugar-white sands and aquamarine waters. The rustic charm of the Mediterranean is evoked by whitewashed walls and terracotta roofs, while waves gently lapping against the shore below sing a song of paradise.

Why stay at La Samanna, Belmond Hotel?

I love everything about La Samanna Belmond Hotel. The moment my feet stepped onto the ground of the island, I knew my stay there would be extravagant. Because of the great room that perfectly faces the ocean and the sky, you’ll wake up by the ray of sunshine on your face and bid goodnight watching the twinkling stars in the sky through the see-through window in front of you. 

The comfort and serenity you’ll feel just by staying in your suite will make you feel like visiting the whole day in bed. However, the breathtaking view outside your balcony is like calling you to stay out of bed to explore what awaits you outside. 

 Let your eyes and stomach be full with good food and great views. Enjoy the amenities in La Samanna Belmond Hotel, such as restaurants, beach bars, wine cellar, fitness gym, yoga room, spa, shops, etc. In addition, you can have fun under the sun with lots of water activities like snorkeling, windsurfing, diving, and beach cabanas, rent a private boat, and explore the ocean of La Samanna. Belmond Hotel at St. Martin has to offer. 

Sunbathing in front of the breathtaking view of the sky and the ocean is one of my favorite aspects of my stay at La Samanna Belmond Hotel. The view can clear your thoughts, let you forget your problem, and take all your stress away like magic. I can stay in a place like this forever. You’ll always feel peacefulness and tranquility when you get to stay in La Samanna Belmond Hotel.

Getting fat or bloated is never a problem when you stay at La Samanna Belmond Hotel. Eat good food and be full. You can later burn out all the calories and fats you gained at their fitness gym center. However, if gym equipment is not your thing, you can also join and enjoy yoga classes in their yoga room. Or you can either enjoy both amenities with family and loved ones. 

Relieve the stress, and relax your body and mind by taking advantage of the spa services La Samanna Belmond Hotel provides. Their therapists are fully prepared to pamper you in its sanctuary’s warm and indulgent atmosphere. Allow the harmonious combination of Mediterranean joie de vivre and Caribbean heart and soul to wash over you, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized from head to toe.

If you visit La Samanna with your kids, wanting some time alone with your husband or wife is never a problem. La Samanna offers you nanny services to look after your kids aged 4-12 while you seize your time with your partner along the beach or at the poolside. French and English nannies can go to your villa and be in charge of the kids while you’re away. 

The resort’s elegant villas, cottages, and suites are designed with tranquility. Enter an otherworldly realm of relaxation at the alfresco spa, which uses only the most luxurious French products. Have a great time by staying at La Samanna Belmond Hotel and experiencing the fun and tranquility I experienced during my stay there. I hope to see you on my next journey!

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  • September 21, 2022

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