Must Do Activities in Kauai, Hawaii
By Amanda

Must Do Activities in Kauai, Hawaii

Best Things to Do in Kauai

Get ready to take off! Helicopter Tour Over Kauai

One of the most spectacular happenings on Kauai was the popular helicopter tour. It is indeed the best way to experience all of Kauai’s most epic scenery. The helicopter tour will just offer Kauai’s most stunning sights that are hidden and unreachable by land. The tour is amazing and presents outstanding views to explore the island. You will fly over waterfalls and beaches, red and green canyons, and weave in and out of the inlets of the Napali Coast. 

You can just smack some real adventure by a helicopter flight, as massive sea cliffs of the Napali Coast are the highlight of Kauai. So just live it up by taking a tour of helicopter over the island! I enjoyed Kauai’s stunning geography which was the best seen from the air. I was thrilled as its one of my life’s awesome helicopter tour experiences. 

The Kauai helicopter flight will hit you to the sky. You can catch a birds view and just discover the island’s incredible beaches, sea cliffs, and canyons on an epic helicopter tour. I must say that this is thrilling helicopter ride. I just enjoyed Kauai’s inaccessible interiors and captured bird’s eye view of the World’s most mysterious beauty. 

You will experience the remote scenic attractions such as NaPali coast that is expanded 17 miles along Kauai’s North Shore and boasting 3000 ft. sea cliffs and valleys. Then you can enjoy spectacular views from the sky such as to the Southwest is the Waimea Canyon, coined the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” This is real exciting all loaded with Kauai’s most epic scenery.

Moreover, the flights journey is short and can lasts for an hour in length. Also, Kauai helicopter tours includes options for shorter or longer ones with a stop. Kauai helicopter offers its passengers a very safe and sound tours with a lot of fun.

The turbine helicopters flown are the safest option. You can also take fun of and add some element of thrill in tour as some flights even operate without doors.

A small tip! Just make sure to book your helicopter trip in advance. This will give you benefit to reschedule your time if in case it’s stopped due to weather conditions. The flight costs can be little high but its worth it.

So just sit back, chill out and enjoy the views, it’s your pilot that will show you some of the most remote and breathtaking areas on Kauai.

Enjoy the classic boat tour and aquatic life of the Napali Coast w/ Captain J’s Offshore Adventures

Hang on tight as its time to snorkel in tropical water and sail in fresh winds. I had a great boat tour at the Na Pali Coast which is one of the best attractions for any visitor. This spectacular 11-mile coastline will leave you in awe as your eyes wander from sea level toward the hanging valleys and razor back ridges thousands of feet above the ocean. This was a thrilling experience of seeing massive cliffs.

 My enjoyment was at its peak by relaxing in the sun and soaking up myself in paradise of a Kauai snorkeling tour. It was an unforgettable day of sightseeing along the Napali coastline as I loved to enjoy watching sea caves, cascading waterfalls, and whale watching adventures. The best part of the boat trip is to watch the spinner and playful dolphins in the blue waves. I could see the dolphins jumping out if the ocean and showing off their acts.

 The friendly crew will share stories about the ancient Hawaiians who inhabited the Nā Pali Coast. I just wondered on board and felt incredible while watching the marine life such as humpback whales.

You can just feel the wind in the boat tour and admire why Na Pali Coast is known as the jewel of Hawaii. It is worth to be the 8th natural wonder of the world. It was an Excellent adventure-I had some of amazing photographic chances. Lastly, sunset views can end this perfect day of the NaPali raft and snorkeling adventure!

Fasten up and enjoy Driving around Kauai

Just hit the road and drive as it can be a bit crazy to try to cover the entire island in one day – it’s just too big!  After spending a relaxing time in the comforting grand Hyatt Resort & Spa of Kauai, it is a totally different thing to get out on the streets and explore the island by an adventurous drive. On my road-trip I explored the lush-green valleys, scenic coastlines, enjoyed fun of local food and culture of Kauai at my own pace. On this great drive I passed through lush jungles, stopped and walk along pristine beaches.

It is essential to rent a car and enjoy your long adventurous drive to see Kauai. So that you’ll have the freedom to go to the popular places and spend as much time as you like exploring.

My Kauai Road trip was not only tempting, but I got to experience new sights around every twist in the road. I passed through rushing waterfalls with stunning views of white-sand beaches. The trip left me in an awe by watching the dramatic cliffs, and lush tropical valleys and forests.

We divided the trip into two halves, as you can do one half per day or even longer if you have the time. I explored leisurely and enjoyed myself. After all, it is Hawaii. You should take the time to relax! To refresh myself while driving, I had pleasure of local food by a quick stop. Just had some delicious foods available such as the poke bowls, acai fruit bowls and the popular shaved ice.

My road journey was through the North shore, and I came across the beautiful beaches and lush environment. The next day was to explore the South shore this excels in friendly character towns and the stunning volcanic terrain. It is possible to cover the circumference of the island in less than 4 hours, but I was usually driving along the coast. For me the scenery is priority, and just loved to hop up here at the waterfalls in Kauai, the Wailua Falls is easily accessible by car. The view is close to the parking lot, and you can glimpse a spectacular trip. The splendid scenery of the twin waterfalls fascinates a lot of tourists to this place. I also treated myself to the fabulous Poipu Beach, where sand and surf meet in perfect harmony, an incredible experience to watch some surfers hitting the waves.

Kauai roadways consists usually of are two lanes with little or no shoulder.  I had my drive through quaint coastal towns and rural upcountry neighborhoods while exploring Kauai. It was a morning road trip as is Kauai is velvety dark at night. The roads are having dim streetlights, so it’s better to explore the island at daytime.

So don’t miss a chance to have a road trip as it’s an excellent opportunity to try thrills and adventure at Kauai. You can just travel across the island and come across to explore the wildlife of the island.

Aloha! Buckle up for a tropical adventure you’ll never forget!  Let’s explore the stunning lush island is covered in tropical rainforest, overflowed with life of all kinds. Email me today and let’s book your vacation right away!

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