South Korea – A MUST VISIT!
By Amanda

South Korea – A MUST VISIT!

South Korea: Food, Fun & Tradition

South Korea is a beautiful country that should definitely be on your bucket list and hopefully after reading this post you’ll be sold on this destination! 

Here’s a taste of South Korea: Food, Fun and Tradition
I believe these are the top three things that make South Korea an ideal travel destination. The food that it serves. The fun that it gives. The tradition that it shares with everyone.

Among the many cities in the country, Seoul and Busan have given a rich aspect of these three.. keep reading 😉 


Seoul is known as the center of South Korea. It is the birth of Korean culture, entertainment, and tradition. As it is called the “24-hour city,’ you can always go right with the ventures that it offers.

Let’s start with the super famous Korean FOOD!! 

Korean BBQ

Food is a must-have in Seoul. The place offers a perfect selection of Korean BBQs during your short stroll in the city. With so many options that you can choose from La Galbi to Bulgogi, you will love these from its last bite.

Balwoo Gongyang

If you are craving an exquisite taste of Korean temple cuisine, Balwoo Gongyang is your go-to place in the city. It is a Michelin-starred restaurant across the street from Jogye Temple in downtown Seoul, offering a multi-course food set or an individual temple food.


Ramyeon is the ultimate favorite comfort food of every Korean and locals. This oil-fried instant noodle is a must-eat in Seoul with its unique and addictive flavors that you’ll feel like coming back again and again.


Now let’s dive into all the fun you can have in Seoul! 

Kpop dance class

Aside from the food, Seoul also has a lot of activities to offer, like a K-pop dance, to be exact. K-Pop has taken the world by storm and is not one of the most famous styles of dance everywhere. I was able to join a Kpop class at a local studio in Seoul and was taught by a professional K-pop choreographer! Anyone who loves to move and shake has to experience how it feels like to be a kpop dancer in Seoul.

Sulwhasoo Spa

South Korea is known for their skin care and beauty products. If you want to experience this first had while have a day of pure relaxation, the Sulwhasoo Spa provides exceptional anti-aging care for individuals wanting to experience a sophisticated Korean beauty treatment program. Visit this place for a harmonious skincare venture.

HiKR Ground

Have you ever heard of the interactive experience center in Seoul? If not, then it is time that you go to HiKR Ground for an immersive experience of Korean culture. If you are worrying about the cost or entrance fee, you don’t have to as it is free of charge on all five levels. You could seriously have fun here all day long! 

Namsan Tower

One of the most iconic landmarks of the city is the Namsan Tower or also known as the N Seoul Tower. You can have a bird’s-eye view of the city as it provides uncontested scenery. So look at the breathtaking view from the top and visit this 236-meter-tall tower. 

Seoul Sky

If you are into fun and extreme activities, going to Seoul Sky Observatory is a must. The location is at the top of the Lotte World Tower, where you can see the full 360-degree view of the city before your eyes. The observation deck also features facilities such as a cafe, lounge, etc.

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

One of the tourist attractions that Seoul is mostly proud of is the Banpodaegyo Bridge, which features the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain. As it is one of the longest bridges, it has received recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records.

Something very special and unique about South Korea is all of it’s history and tradition. Here are some of my favorite places to visit in Seoul! 

Jingwansa Temple

Have you ever tried visiting a Buddhist temple? Well, Jingwansa Temple is one of the major temples situated in Seoul. You will never be disappointed by its mesmerizing beauty as it is visually pleasing and contributes to the cultural traditions of the whole country.

Eunpyeong Hanok Village

This village is one of the biggest hanok villages in Seoul. It is located in the Eunpyeong district of Seoul. You can walk around, hike in the Bukhansan National Park and take on another level of adventure in this stunning village.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Your South Korean tour would only be complete with going to the largest and first royal place during the Joseon Dynasty. This palace served as the main palace in the said dynasty, which Mount Bugaksan and Mount Namsan surround.

Hanbok dresses rental

Aside from the tourist attractions, you can also enjoy wearing traditional Korean clothes by renting the Hanbok dresses of your choice. Experience South Korea by trying out any of the Hanbok dresses during your stay. Basically, choose whatever you like! 

Busan is South Korea’s second most populous city in the country. It’s also known as Busan Metropolitan City. The Busan port is South Korea’s busiest port, and it’s also the sixth most active port in the world. The city is also home to beautiful beaches and delicious seafood. Like Seoul, it also prides itself on multiple traditional villages dating back to the old centuries.

Make sure you come to Busan hungry!! Here are my MUST visit spots for the best food ever in Busan. 

Sacheon Haemultang

Being a coastal city, Busan mainly serves seafood-based dishes that come in fresh and quality. One of the highly recommended seafood dishes is Sacheon Haemultang. This seafood soup is a must-try that helps protect your kidneys and liver functions.

Jagalchi Market

For the newest option, you can visit Jagalchi Market, which sells various raw seafood meat. You can choose your favorite seafood as this market is considered the country’s largest seafood market. So if you want a local market experience, visit Jagalchi Market.

Haeundae Lobster Dinner

Busan also offers Haeundae Lobster Dinner for lobster lovers alike. I visited many places that serve delicious good seafood in the city, and I wouldn’t deny that every lobster dinner I attend is superb. Complete your stay in Busan by trying out dinner like this one.

Coralani Cafe

Spend your staycation at Coralani Cafe with its breathtaking view. This 4-story cafe gives you a 180-degree view of the Busan Sea. It is situated near Lotte World Busan, so the restaurant is trendy on weekdays and weekends.

Solanum Hanjeongsik

To top off your Busan trip, go for a full-course Korean meal at Solanum Hanjeongsik and enjoy a burst of Busan cuisine. Take advantage of this meal style as it gives you a different perspective on Korean food on many levels.

Marshmallow Ice Cream

Marshmallow ice cream is the best dessert or snack you need to try in Busan. They have many of these types in the city, giving you a taste of hot, crispy, and exquisite sweetness.

There are a TON of fun things to do in Busan! Here are some things you shouldn’t miss! 

Busan Air Cruise

In South Korea, you can also explore various fun ventures. The Busan Air Cruise is a known spot where you can spend your time riding cable cars. Witness the beauty from above and get thrilled with the views under you. 

BIFF Square

Annually, Busan also celebrates the Busan International Film Festival, where movie enthusiasts meet at BIFF Square. The place exhibits numerous food options. The area is in Jagalchi Metro Station, where you can easily shop for souvenirs or eat some tasty street food along the way. 

Haeundae Yacht Tour

If you want to explore the waters of Busan, you can have the Haeundae Yacht Tour. It is the perfect way to enjoy the cool breeze in Busan, as you can tour around Haeundae and Gwangalli for an hour. So excite yourself with this type of experience and book a yacht tour.

Gwangandaegyo Bridge

Strolling around in the evening is an enjoyable activity in Busan. Doing it on the Gwangandaegyo Bridge gives you a different kind of experience. As the bridge is the longest double-deck one, you can take time to admire the views of the nearby attractions.

Blue Line Park Sky Capsule

If you love colorful trains, you can enjoy traveling within Busan through the Blue Line Park Sky Capsule. This 4-seater retro capsule takes you to the must-visit tourist attraction, Blue Line Park. So better if you can hop on and board this train during your visit in the country.


Busan also bustles with history and tradition! Here are two of my favorite spots. 

Gamcheon Cultural Village

You can take advantage of the numerous traditional attractions in Busan, South Korea, like the Gamcheon Cultural Village. It is where you can see multiple colorful houses that sit steeply on the hills of Busan. So if you want to see a layered street or twisted labyrinth, this is the perfect place.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

If you’re in Busan, remember to take a break from city life and explore the spots that make South Korea unique! That said, visit Haedong Yonggungsa Temple to explore the Buddha statue. The place has well-known traditional sites that look straight from Korean dramas. In addition, this temple’s visuals are appealing and distinct, making it one of the superb attractions for you.

Trust me, add South Korea as your next bucket list destination!

Indeed, South Korea is a must-visit country with its fun activities, delicious food, and wonderful tradition that it gives to people. With many things to learn during the trip, you can be sure it is worth your money and time. 

When you're ready to book an epic trip to South Korea contact me to help you plan!

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