The Ultimate Costa Rica Itinerary
By Amanda

The Ultimate Costa Rica Itinerary

Traveling to different destinations and exploring the richness of beautiful sceneries in each place always excites me. I’m eager to get started on the array of beautiful things in store for me. So join me as I share with you one of the most enjoyable and unforgettable trips I have ever taken while visiting the Andaz Costa Rica Resort and Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa, two must-see resorts in Costa Rica.

Tourists flock to Costa Rica for the wide range of activities you may do with your family, friends, and loved ones. These activities are available for all ages. Costa Rica is the place to go if you’re searching for resorts to unwind in or a park to engage in exhilarating activities like river rafting, zip lining, cave tubing, and more. The Andaz Costa Rica Resort and Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa are the recommended resorts when visiting Costa Rica. Let me bring you there!

Start Your Getaway at The Andaz Papagayo Costa Rica Resort 

With spectacular views of Culebra Bay and an immersive experience in the tropical jungle, the Andaz Costa Rica Resort perfectly embodies the romance of Costa Rica’s unspoiled natural beauty. Experience exciting activities like hiking/biking trails, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and more, which are ideal for people who love extreme sports, as well as the stunning sunrise and sunset views of the bay. 

Aside from the extreme activities, a number of enjoyable activities also await children at the Andaz Costa Rica Resort. The Andaz is a family-friendly resort that provides various services and entertaining activities you and your family may participate in together. What’s even more thrilling is that you may bring your furry friends to the resort and enjoy your vacation with them! When you can get your dogs with you, there is no need to worry about who will look after them while you are away. Make arrangements for bringing dogs by contacting the resort directly using the details on the confirmation of your reservation that you will get after making a reservation at the resort.

The fantastic views you enjoy from your room’s balcony as you wake up in the morning and before going to sleep at night are what I love most about the Andaz Costa Rica Resort. The Andaz Costa Rica Resort has everything you need. It is the ideal spot to spend a holiday with family, friends, and loved ones, from the mesmerizing setting of the resort to the staff, services, and activities given and provided.

After being on the beach for a few days at The Andaz Papagayo head on over to

Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa

The Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa is the ideal destination for those seeking serenity and calm during their vacation. Explore the largest network of naturally flowing thermal minerals at Arenal, Costa Rica that relieve all your stress and drives away all the negativities in your body.

 Experience a unique spa and wellness that perfectly combines nature and spa design. Spa services are provided outdoors in outdoor cottages hidden among the trees. The aromas of the rainforest integrate seamlessly into your health experience, mingling with the soothing sounds of the hot springs and the constant sounds of animals.

Aside from the relaxing spa, what I also love about Tabacon is that they not only make your mental health healthy but also strengthen your physical well-being. You can get access to Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa’s gym and do your thing of maintaining your physical health.

Another thing to look forward to for your trip to Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa is their relaxing and soothing thermal mineral waterfalls.Perfect for inflammation, and calming irritated skin. It will surely captivate your heart the moment you put your eyes into the mesmerizing view of the waterfalls. 

Costa Rica does have the perfect locations for you to have fun, have an exciting adventure, or relax.

So why are you still waiting? Experience the delight and joy I had while traveling in Costa Rica.

See you on your upcoming journey!

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  • September 21, 2022

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