Top 10 Destinations to Visit in 2023!!
By Amanda

Top 10 Destinations to Visit in 2023!!

Are you ready to explore undiscovered destinations in 2023? With so many choices on the world map, I will share some of the best destinations to add to your list.

From luxury resorts to some endless sparkling blue water beachfronts and coverage of rocking green mountains journey, from stunning high clock towers to tropical sandy beaches, plus scenic sights and cliff views trips, they’re all here!

Here is my list of 10 Top destinations for you to check out in 2023! 

  1. Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal’s capital, Lisbon remains a top choice for modern travelers among European destinations. A popular city surrounded by sea offering best harbors, long build bridges, and glance on ancient civilizations. If you are vintage, art and history lover, then surely Lisbon is a great choice to visit.  I was amazed by the city ‘s mild sunny climate characterizing it an ideal year-round destination. Large number of food lovers flock to Lisbon to enjoy its local cuisine- such as its popular seafood. 

The top-rated tourist spots to visit in Lisbon are mesmerizing medieval castles, monuments, and monastery. If you’re getting around the Lisbon for the first time do, try a ride of Lisbon’s vintage tram. Just grab your favorite wine and snack then enjoy seeing charming neighborhood.

I just adored my visit to The Rua Augusta Arch, the most majestic architectural elements of downtown Lisbon. I was surprised to see the unique view of my lifetime, The Rua Augusta Arch, is a triumphal arch-like and extraordinary historical building in Lisbon, on the Praca do Comércio. As you approach from the pedestrian-mall Rua da Augusta, you can catch a glimpse on a stunning clock above the arch.

Lisbon’s largest square, at Praça do Comércio enjoy sightseeing, as the building is topped by set of sculptures. What astonished me, is the clock structure set on a giant stone arch with a huge gate offering a superb view. On the right, you see the statue of Nuno Álvares Pereira beautifully sculpted. Another attraction is the bright yellow narrow and long windows marking it best for photography. My pick for a perfect day tour at the Lisbon is this square, surely a blend of music, architecture, and history. The triumphal arch -like building offers you a symmetrical view of the city is- absolutely a must visit for tourists.

Today, the Lisbon is most budget friendly cities within the Europe where you can come across beachfront resorts & spa that can offer you fascinating holiday.

  1. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Discover an authentic experience with me at Santa Fe, tucked up in the Rocky Mountains at the north of New Mexico. One of the best destinations to add next on your travel bucket list is “Santa Fe”, New Mexico. The majestic city sits 7,200 feet up in the southernmost end of the Rocky Mountains—the oldest and highest capital city in the U.S. you will be amazed to know that Santa Fe is one of the world’s top award-winning and most favorite destinations. Santa Fe is popular because of its rich Native American culture, and its pleasant weather tourism each year.

Venture yourself into the beauty of Rocky Mountains and jumpy cliffs at the Santa Fe, New Mexico. The magnificence of the botany landscape from the mountains makes it mystical spot for its visitors. Just get away with Santa Fe’s rugged desert, which surprises its visitors with its oasis like spots portraying mystery and wonder. The best thing I enjoyed at Santa Fe, was watching sunset, and peeking into the grassy scenery from the high edge mountains with your favorite energy drink.

Santa Fe is the top choice for trekkers, hikers, seekers, skiers to its temperate climates and abundant scenery. Adventure seekers can explore eternal opportunities to hike, bike or ride horses in the mountains that surround Santa Fe. Best place for enthusiasts’ visitors you can just try amazing rock climbing, ballooning, parasailing, and rafting in the rivers also are popular activities.

I loved trailing and strolling through the mountains and hilltop that surprised me with fabulous views and opportunities to catch up on abundant scenery. Santa Fe visit can be one of your best holiday destinations by offering and keeping you packed up with variety of outdoor activities. Just pack your bag and wear a comfortable sportwear’s and get ready to stroll through Santa Fe National Forest. For me it was never enough to wake up to this high cliff views. Every day I was amazed by Santa Fe forests wildlife and wetlands dotted with tiny villages. All in all, it’s a wonderful zone that huddle fun and thrill.

  1. St. Martin

Do you wish to travel a place which is full of scenic views that are indeed unique and special? St Martin is one the perfect and ideal spot for any visitors who are fan of enjoying experiences at stunning beaches together with seafood, and friendly people. If so, then Saint Martin should top your travel list!

The top thing that makes it ideal for perfect holiday destinations is that all the parts of the offers the finest places to live, and the best places to relax such as luxury resorts and beach. Indulge yourself into something new and different in life for a quiet, relaxing holiday. You will be surprised that St martin symbolizes the island lifestyle for sure. You can find fine dining, lovely landscapes, pristine beaches and private beaches for your own pleasure, and an appreciation for the more satisfying events in life.

The pleasant sunny tropical type of weather of course marks St martin as one of the best destinations. To take a trip to spend your time on relaxing cruise on the crystal sky-blue waters of the Caribbean Island and catch up into welcoming atmosphere.  You will be able to smash up some most animated casinos, bars, and clubs at the Five -star St martin hotels and resorts.

The most popular activity on the island is to experience sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, and other watersport you desire. It is indeed easy enough to schedule, and many day sailing companies can assist you and ready to make your day trip to get best adventure. I am happy to share my experience to St martin is exceptional. What more is that vacationers can enjoy the best fresh served seafood here. Safe to visit, and indeed an island but offers a rich variety of things to experience.

  1. Tulum, Mexico

If you desire to visit any destination packed of luxury cabanas, bungalows, plus pristine white sand, and sparkling azure beachfront, then of course, Tulum, Mexico tops your travel list! Surprisingly, Tulum, Mexico is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States.

It has a little bit of everything, so whether you’re interested in sweeping desert, rocky landscapes, or crowded marketplaces in lively tourist towns; it’s all happening here! There is so much to do, and you gain the ultimate experience of holiday here. Some of the coolest things to do in Tulum, Mexico is to go enjoy your day exploring Tulum Mayan ruins, tasting local cuisine. Thrill lovers can explore adventure at popular Tulum cenote and discover mangroves at the Tulum cenote tour, or experience free dive and snorkel. I would like to share my thrills as I experienced the most challenging diving at the unique sinkholes at the cenote tour in Tulum, Mexico. 

The journey to reach at the cenote was amazing, I was thrilled by climbing over steep rocky terrain and see deep caves. Finally, to relax myself I  had some awesome time at the Tulum classic beach huts surrounded by sand and palm trees. When holidays are your plan then surely Tulum top the list. Just enjoy your stay at one the finest beach bungalow at Tulum and retreat yourself with the best spa.

  1. Boca Raton, Florida

 A world class destination for families and vacationers, city of all seasons, Boca Raton is crammed with sugary white sand beaches and the stunning turquoise Atlantic waters. One the best destination offering its travelers with plenty of outdoor things. Take yourself away in the worlds’ famous palm beaches here! Boca Raton can offer you the most exotic time in the sun for making an ideal beach vacation. 

There are a lot of things to do in your vacation, as the world’s best beaches are waiting for you. It has some exceptional attractions to offer its visitors, from enjoying walking over warm and fluffy white sandy shores to surfing at blue waters of Boca Raton. Surely this captivating coastal spot has it all, everything you desire for excellent holiday! Some of the best attractions to see at Boca Raton, is its typical Spanish- and Moorish-inspired architecture of warm orangish and pinkish hues forms the city just as a tropical Venice. Spanish Revival-style architecture boca Raton resorts are picturesque and Mediterranean styled clubs and hotels are its best tourist attractions.

 You can relax yourselves at luxury resorts and enjoy grill dining. Boca offers a variety of activities to keep your vacation at it best ,Boca’s visitors sprawl upon its soft sandy beaches and splatter in the Atlantic Ocean’s waves making it a wonderful spot for couples and families.

The best tip for the day is to dive in blue water! and enjoy body surf, swim, or just hop in a kayak to spend a marvelous day by skipping on the open sea. If you love scuba diving, then pack a snorkel and mask and experience the tropical coastal area marine life up.

  1. Amalfi coast, Italy

Like many other coastal hotspots, I shared above Amalfi is also among the best. The breaking view of the gorgeous Amalfi Coast from the mountain’s gallery is like a magnet attraction various tourist each year. It come with package of entertainment including a tinge of café culture, breathtaking scenery, and authentic local food.

Even if you do nothing whole day, the area has a lot to offer even in a single glance. The town offers a stunning sightseeing of Medieval architecture, all you see is the meandering alleys and steep steps. I was truly astonished to see the set of clustered landscape of lemon trees and olive groves from the steep Rocky Mountains. 

For a world class holiday, it’s hard to miss Amalfi Coast holidays! Italy’s most glamorous coastline wait for its travelers and welcome you to experience its hollowed valleys to its soaring cliffs dominating lovely bays and pastel-colored structures. Amalfi’s spectacular scenery offers couples to click some of romantic photographs, just like the setting in films and paintings. No wonder the air of Amalfi has citrus like tinge giving the couples a best mood of relaxation. 

Other activities I suggest for adventure seekers is to get ready to hike through a valley covered with waterfalls , enjoy a boat trip into an impressive sea cave and chill out on a sunny pebble beach. Lastly do not miss the chance to taste Italians authentic Neapolitan Pizza!

  1. Curacao

Are you planning your trip to explore Caribbean islands and to see unique colonial architecture? Then here you go! One of the best destinations on the Caribbean Island is “Curacao”. No doubt, it can be yours favorite pick for vacation of the new year 2023.Curacao is popular for its friendly locals, pleasant weather even compared to the rest of the Caribbean, and even mild conditions for fun in the water. My favorite spot was to see spectacular and iconic colorful architecture of the island’s capital. Luckily, the pastels colors buildings at my background were perfect to click some of the dazzling photographs for me.

Some of my best trip experiences is my amazing walk across the floating Queen Emma Bridge that swings with the ocean. Other things to do in Curacao is to discover and explore the Mambo Beach the largest commercial beach in Curaçao. The beach has a lot to offer to its visitors for all ages. Why not just try lounging in the beach club, have some shopping on the boulevard, must try the joy of having local grill cuisine and dancing during happy hours at the most popular beach. 

  1. Antigua

If you are looking for the perfect beach escape, then Antigua is chic choice for your ideal holiday. Surprisingly, Antigua is like a dream island in the Eastern Caribbean mainly popular for its exceptionally stunning beaches. I adored each day at Antigua at this blue water beautiful island. You’ll be stunned to learn that I found a paradise on earth as allthe beaches in Antigua are spectacular. I discovered the long stretches of soft white sand washed by turquoise water and strolled along the surrounded green flowers rocking hills. 

The good news is that it’s an ideal honeymoon destination because of the romantic views and high-end hotels for the ultimate luxury escape, but I of course Antigua can also delight its solo travelers and families. I spend my holiday by relaxing in a hotel on the island and its good to that Antigua has got best Antigua All-inclusive resorts that are truly entertaining. I would suggest you hire a car and enjoy the road trips just take joy of city breaks.

Thrill lovers and divers can experience water sports and book snorkel cruises. Just get booked onto popular beach spot of the Antigua Island then enjoy snorkeling with tropical marine life. Lastly but just relax and delicious lunch with chilled cocktails.

  1. Madeira, Portugal

Would you like visit exotic landscapes and enjoy sea views? Then book your trip to Madeira to indulge yourself in a memorable experience. The adventure trip will cover incredible nature of stunning landscapes, a beautiful sea surrounding the island with dolphins and whales, tasty food, and of course welcoming people!

I had an awesome trip to this lush green island, and I bet even you can fall in love with its mild tropical climate, colorful attractive meadows, and beautiful spring waterfalls. An ideal spot for climbers Madeira Mountain landscape offers various sports both on seashores and off dry land. Tuck yourself and enjoy a chic afternoon tea, classy bars, and shopping.

  1. Mykonos, Greece

A romantic and fun run away for couples can be Mykonos in Greece, one of the best holiday destinations. Amazingly, it’s the most popular islands to visit in Greece. You can experience shopping, beach parties, and surely the place is photogenic specially the Mykonos town. Just around the corner from Little Venice is the old harbor of Mykonos. You will never be bored here, as Mykonos offers a range of attractive restaurants line the beach, an ancient church sits at the entrance to the main dock. You enjoy daily cruises to beaches and try some fishing activities on boats. 

I would like to share my things to do at the Mykonos, do not miss a chance to go for day cruises tour and boat tours at Mykonos. Enjoy best sailing tour and swim into crystal blue water, sunbathe, and explore the scenery at holiday. I loved to see the crystal blue hollow coves around the islands of Mykonos, and the southern beaches of Mykonos. This beautiful Greek sacred island “Mykonos” lingers for you whenever you plan your next holiday!

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I highly recommend the above top 10 destinations! As always I am happy to help you choose your dream destination and plan a perfect getaway for a fulfilling and rejuvenating vacation! 

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