Xcaret – So Worth It!
By Amanda

Xcaret – So Worth It!

Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen. Today, I will cruise you through the trip of your dreams to Xcaret, Mexico!

Let’s start with the moment I first stepped into the Xcaret Arte Resort – one of the best resorts in Riviera Maya. From stepping onto the resort, I knew right away why it is known as the best. I was instantly transported to Mexico heaven with food stations, colorful lights, the smell of freshly baked bread, and all that is Mexico! My favorite here was the charcuterie board with a ravishing variety of cheese!

After all this cultural blitz at the resort, I went up to my suite only to find the most breathtaking scenery from my window. The perfect harmony of crystal blue waters with the greenery made me exuberant! I couldn’t wait to jump into the water and bask in the sun. It is the natural attraction that Xcaret is famous for, which is why it amasses more than one million visitors per year!

The suites are located in five buildings or Casas: the Casa de los Artistas, Casa de la Música, Casa de la Paz, Casa de la Pirámide, and the Casa del Diseño. I also found that Xcaret Arte’s 900 adult suites are all inspired by the artists of Mexico’s culture, which made staying in my suite all the more exciting as I felt like I was paying homage to these artisans.

The Hotel Xcaret Arte offers all the Mexican delicacies I was yearning for. The first night, I had a scrumptious dinner with Guacamole, ceviche, shrimp tacos, and salmon. But for the rest of the trip, I tried all of the ten different dining experiences that the hotel offered.

With the night still young, I decided to walk through the resort, only to be awestruck by its beauty at night. The way the sun made the water sparkle in the daytime was beautiful. But the lighting at night and the purple hues on the stone architecture lining the water worked like a symphony to give visitors a truly magnificent view.

I stopped at the hotel bar, which looked nothing short of spectacular. Hundreds of small lights lit up the ceiling. The bar had cylindrical shelving lined with dozens of varieties of drinks. Each spot on the shelf had its spotlight, giving each bottle a celebrity look. I soaked in the aura of the bar before ordering a few drinks and calling it a night.

The hotel also had an amazing gym. The place was brightly lit with natural light flooding through the glass wall and the other side lined with mirrors. This expansive gym had hundreds of pieces of gym equipment (I only had time to try out a few).

The resort has so much to offer that you wouldn’t want to leave it. If it weren’t for Xcaret’s hidden gems, caves, and Mexican festivals, I would have spent all my time at the hotel. Apart from the wide variety of dining experiences and the relaxing seating areas, the resort also offers specialty art classes to the guests! It includes pottery, dance, and weaving classes at a weaving studio. I learned a few salsa moves myself to show off when I go back home.

At Xcaret Arte, I also discovered a spectacular pool with a bar island. I then headed to discover more of these hidden gems. I stayed at the Hotel Xcaret Arte, so I had access to all the Xcaret parks and so, all these picturesque, breathtaking locations! The guests at the Hotel Xcaret Mexico also have access to every hidden gem of this heavenly place including gorgeous caves with lakes inside that you can glide over on paddle boats and kayaks!

And for beaching, Hotel Xcaret Arte has one of the best ones. You can bask on the cool sand as the breeze laps over you. You can even enjoy a swim in the crystal blue waters or relax under the cool shade of a palm tree.

As for the parks, you will have to move quickly because there is so much to explore. As for me, I went through everything slowly to soak in all the goodness and positivity. 

But there isn’t only nature that makes these parks worth visiting. Xplor by Xcaret is one of the parks filled with dozens of activities and adventures. Here you will drive an ATV in the jungle, over bridges and through caverns. You’ll swing above the trees on a comfy hammock zipline. Underneath the planet, you’ll raft and swim through stalactite rivers, as well as go on an underground expedition to reveal the secrets hidden beneath!!

You’re also guaranteed to have an EPIC day!!


The highlight of my trip to Xcaret was the immaculate wine cellar at Xcaret Park. When you step into the cellar, it will transport you into the 19th century. A low ceiling cave and walls lined with hundreds of wine bottles. The ceiling even had exquisite chandeliers to light up the space and the tables were made of wine barrels. Even though every minute of my entire trip to Xcaret was brilliant, I’d say that the wine cellar topped everything else!

Now that I was nearing the end of the trip, it was time to put a pause to the exploration and take in all that the hotel amenities offered. 

On my last day, I cooled off at the mystic sanctuary where I received a tailor-made salon experience (with a pool of course!). The experience was truly rejuvenating and a perfect end to my adventure-filled trip to Xcaret. My last dinner was sushi rolls at one of Xcaret Arte’s diners.

Xcaret is a must-visit for anyone who loves luxury, nature, and self-discovery. My trip was filled with dozens of adventures that I relive every time I close my eyes. The beauty, serenity, and richness of the Mexican culture that I experienced on my trip was unbeatable. I can safely say that it was one of the best trips of my life!

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  • September 8, 2023

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